High Tea with Kikoko 11

High Tea with Kikoko

Sip by sip, Kikoko is transforming the way cannabis is consumed. Tales of drinking infused cannabis beverages date back thousands of years and is one of the oldest consumption methods.…
possible Nevada Cannabis Lounges

Nevada Expects Cannabis Lounges by 2020

Tick Segerblom is one of Nevada’s most well-known public servants. A fourth generation public servant, his family’s four-generation legacy of service dates back to his great-grandfather in 1906. The legacy…
Top Cannabis Apps to Know in 2019 20

Top Cannabis Apps to Know in 2019

10 Cannabis Apps to Know  Legal cannabis has had its fair share of setbacks. Within a month of the new year we have seen stories covering shortages, moldy buds and even shady business dealings.…
Nevada Marijuana Tax Revenues Surpass $31 Million! 31

Nevada Marijuana Tax Revenues Surpass $31 Million!

I am really interested in learning more about Nevada’s plan and budget on allocating appropriate resources for education. Similar to Colorado State who reported over 47% of their tax dollars were put back into education.  With Nevada leading as the worst education system in America, one can only hope Nevada can find a way to give back to the community by supporting education.