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Aurora Cannabis sells remaining stake in Green Organic Dutchman

Aurora Cannabis, one of Canada’s largest marijuana companies, sold its


Tilt Holdings founders to forfeit stock options with cannabis firm

Tilt Holdings, a Massachusetts-based marijuana company, said it reached an


Medicine Man Technologies buying Colorado marijuana firm for $31 million

Denver-based Medicine Man Technologies continues its recent acquisition tear, announcing


Promising Top 10 Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs

Top 10 Benefits of CBD In this article, Preliminary studies in animals indicate that CBD may prevent colitis and go some way to restoring normal

Mental Health

Cannify Releases Quiz Widget For Cannabis-Based Websites

Cannify has recently released a new quiz widget for cannabis-based websites to embed in their site. Available through both a free and paid option, this

Chef Mike Delao cannabisplanet
Cannabis Community’s Chef Mike Delao joins

When it comes to Cannabis, I’ve been doing this a long time.  I have done every realm of job in the Cannabis industry and have

The New Jersey Marijuana Legalization Act S2703
Marijuana Laws

New Jersey’s Marijuana Legalization Act – Translated for the Common Citizen

The New Jersey Marijuana Legalization Act, known as Act S2703, has passed legislative review on its path to legalize adult-use marijuana in the State of


LeafList The Best Way To Enhance Your Cannabis Network

With the growth of the legal cannabis industry booming in today’s market, it can still be difficult for legitimate businesses to make those valuable connections

Cannabis Products Edibles

High Tea with Kikoko

Sip by sip, Kikoko is transforming the way cannabis is consumed. Tales of drinking infused cannabis beverages date back thousands of years and is one

Kiva Confections
Cannabis Products Edibles

Kiva – California’s Favorite Cannabis Confection

In the cannabis capital, Kiva rules the edible market with their gourmet chocolate, micro-dose mints, and newly released infused gummies. California based Kiva Confections was

Washington Cannabis Waste
Trending Cannabis News

Cannabis Waste Recovery Issues Rising

You do not need to be a radical activist to know that our planet is grappling with environmental issues. Global warming is no longer a

Trending Cannabis News

South Africa Cannabis Trade Questions and Hurdles

The legalization of marijuana in South Africa could be the answer to build upwards momentum and turn their entire economy around. South Africa has a great growing

New Zealand
Trending Cannabis News

New Zealand Votes on Legalizing Recreational Marijuana by 2020

Good news, New Zealand will hold a referendum on whether to legalize cannabis for recreational use at the general election in 2020. As of now

cannabition 420 room
Culture & Arts

Cannabition A Museum For Stoners

Museums can be a fun activity when you are high. I personally feel nothing can make you feel the emotions of the artist more than


Country Destinations For Cannabis Vacation

When we are thinking of a trip or vacation, marijuana users always consider the connection we will have throughout those times with the weed we


Top Cannabis Apps to Know in 2019

10 Cannabis Apps to Know  Legal cannabis has had its fair share of setbacks. Within a month of the new year we have seen stories covering shortages,

poison city brewers

Durban Poison Cannabis Lager : South Africa’s First Cannabis Infused Beer

Durban’s craft brewery, Poison City Brewing, has wasted no time in launching the first cannabis-infused beer Durban Poison Cannabis Lager in South Africa. This was

NFL Logo
Culture & Arts

Pro Sports Leagues Struggle With Marijuana Legalization

The landscape around pro sports leagues and marijuana are changing in the United States. There are now 10 states that have legalized recreational use of


The Top 10 reasons you should know more about CBD Oil

CBD oil is a powerful compound that is extracted by processing the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the cannabis plant. Unlike pure marijuana, this product