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Cannabis advertising

Partner with MaryJanes Post through various channels. Join us early and gain influence as MaryJanes post expands.

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Presented Professionally

Partner with us to present your cannabis brand in a professional way. All post come with a due follow link. 

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Traditional Ads

Mobile Freindly

We tailor custom ad creatives to match your brand. Whether you need a full-screen takeover or on a specific post. 

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Puff Puff Pass

Exchange a spot on our podcast page, simply shout us out on your podcast periodically. 

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Product Review

Join Affiliate Program

Do you have an affiliate program? Send us your product and we will write a review. 


Advertising your cannabis product. 


We various options to work with us. Contact us to for media kit and strategic partnerships. 

We work with numerous pr and affiliate marketing brands. Contact us for more information. 

General Questions

To maintain our standard we will not mislead or lie about a products quality. We will highlight the best qualities about your product.

We have the ability

To showcase your cannabis brand.

Connect with us if your brand is looking to establish long-term media partnerships. As a start-up brand, we are open and flexible to strategic partnerships. 

Why Us

We work with your brand to create a win-win in the cannabis marketing space. 

Something New

A new cannabis brand means new possibilities.