If you’re searching for high-quality products infused with CBD, you need to check out CBDMEDIC. With products that are created with natural ingredients and THC-free hemp extract, the company is dedicated to only producing items with no chemicals, artificial dyes, or steroids.  

With 15 years of studies under their belt, CBDMEDIC has become a popular place for customers to go for products that actually work. Plus, because the ingredients used in their pain relief topical products are THC-free, you will not fail a THC drug test when using these items.

The company has also partnered up with former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski who swears by their products. Gronkowski has been open about the major pain he’s had to deal with in the past few years of his life. However, with CBDMEDIC, Gronkowski no longer has the massive pain and discomfort that he previously experienced.

But CBDMEDIC isn’t just for athletes or those who are quite active. The company has a few different lines that target specific issues, all with different choices of application (from sticks to creams to sprays and much more). While they have many different lines of products targeting particular concerns (such as arthritis), all CBDMEDIC items help with pain, discomfort, and soreness in your body.

For Athletes

One of CBDMEDIC’s most beloved lines is for athletes. Their Active Sport CBD products come in both stick and ointment form, are hypoallergenic, and 100% naturally derived. Both the Active Sport Stick and Active Sport Ointment are blended with natural moisturizers and THC-free hemp extract. 

As the title suggests, these products are great for athletes or those who are quite active. Both of these products can be applied before, during, or after workouts to help any sore muscles, strains, or joint distress! 

Basically, these products are great if you’re active and always moving. A sore or pulled muscle is bound to happen — but with these Active Sport items, the pain and discomfort are no longer an issue. The products help recover tired muscles, which can greatly help athletes who are constantly working out their bodies.

Muscle & Joint

A lot of people seek out CBD products because of muscle and joint discomfort or pain. CBDMEDIC offers two great muscle and joint products: one comes in a spray bottle, the other is an ointment that comes in ten different, sealed packets. Both are the same product, yet with different applications. 

Muscle pain can sometimes encompass a large part of your body — and this is where their Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Spray comes in handy. As it’s a spray, it’s very easy to seamlessly hit all parts of your body that need a little relief. Plus, it dries quickly and is perfect if you’re on the go! 

CBD Specifically Targeted Products: Back & Neck, Foot & Ankle

If you specifically have back or neck pain, CBDMEDIC has a solution for you. Their Back & Neck Pain Relief Ointment was distinctly created to target minor back and neck pain. This ointment helps temporarily relieve any discomfort in these general areas, whether it be for any basic soreness or sprains and strains.

CBDMEDIC’s ointment is great for those who struggle with minor, yet everyday, back and neck pain. As it was specifically created for this reason and this reason alone, it easily targets those areas of your body where you feel the most discomfort. It’s great to use if you feel any aches after a long day at work! 

Much like their back and neck ointment, the company also produces an ointment specifically targeted for those who feel any pain or aches in their feet and ankles. Their Foot & Ankle Pain Relief Ointment temporarily relieves this pain and helps get you back on your feet sooner. This product is also great for those who work on their feet for long shifts and always have aches at the end of the day.


Many people choose to use CBD to help with their arthritis, which is possibly one of the main reasons why CBD has become such a huge trend in the last few years. Luckily, CBDMEDIC has a great formula created specifically for those who suffer from arthritis, produced in both a cream and ointment formula.

While the company’s arthritis pain relief cream is mainly for your hands, their ointment lotion can be used anywhere on your body where you’d like to relieve pain. Their hand cream is wonderfully effective, as it helps relieve any pain or discomfort you may feel from your arthritis temporarily. However, it also is made with natural moisturizers to help hydrate and heal any dry or cracked skin. 

By using either the hand cream or the ointment, you’ll be able to increase your freedom of movement with the temporary reprieve that the products provide. Either of these two products (both of which are best selling items) can help naturally relieve pain and increase your comfort levels.

Massage Oil + Skincare Line

CBDMEDIC doesn’t just produce lotions and creams to relieve pain for your body. They also produce massage oil and skincare products that target certain issues and problems.

Their massage oil is specifically for pain relief and is recommended to be used during a massage therapy session. The oil is full of natural ingredients (and absolutely no harsh or artificial ones!) and can instantly help relieve any temporary pain.

Their skincare line, on the other hand, is focused on treating specific conditions. For the most part, their skincare products target those who have eczema, acne-prone skin, or any itches or rashes. While CBDMEDIC is mainly known for its topical pain relief items (of which we discussed above), they are branching out to help naturally treat other problems, as we can see with their skincare line!


There are companies and brands currently on the market that sell CBD products. However, CBDMEDIC is one of the only trustworthy brands that create products full of natural ingredients — and with 15 years of pharmaceutical research to back them. 

From their line that specifically helps active people to their arthritis products, CBDMEDIC has so many amazing products that truly help relieve pain. All you have to do is look at the many reviews for each product to realize that customers truly do swear by them. And if you don’t take their advice, take Rob Gronkowski’s!

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