Root Sciences kickstarted operations in 2013 and established one of the first cannabis cultivation technologies in the United States. Five years after developing industry techniques in cannabis concentrates, the company partnered with DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, a German manufacturer and global leader in botanical extraction solutions.

Together, both companies aimed to improve the entire extraction and purification process of cannabis and developed technology known as the CryoEXS System in 2019. CryoEXS systems streamlined efficiency, consistency and increased profitability – all that business owners and investors within the cannabis industry were on the lookout for.

When any company develops extraction technology for cannabis, some of the main factors they consider are safety, efficiency and cost. The extraction solvent for the overall process is required to minimize workplace hazards, should be Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and not chemically reactive. Additionally, it must quickly dissect the desired compounds necessary during the extraction process and be readily available at a low cost.

The CryoEXS System amalgamates all the factors mentioned above and leads the race in creating the world’s first cold ethanol extraction technology. The technology is modified and improves discrepancies noticed in the previous extraction methods using automated systems that turn hemp into a lipid-free, decarboxylated concentrate within hours.

CryoEXS allows manufacturers and industrialists to skip the winterization steps which initially added days to the whole process in conventional methods. By maintaining temperatures as low as -40 degrees centigrade, fats and lipids are deliberated insoluble and remain in the plant after extraction. Cannabis and hemp remain soluble in the 190-proof ethyl alcohol solution, allowing the extraction process to be completed in minutes. Sanitary pumps then force the same extract through a number of filters to remove any plant materials from the extract.  

Overall, the CryoEXS System remains cost-effective, efficient and flexible. It reduces the requirement of multiple pieces of equipment needed to run the machinery and also streamlines the labor involved. The sanitation, increase in safety procedures and modern innovative methods also contribute to the high caliber of the technological system.

About Root Sciences

Root Sciences is a global leader in process design, distribution, support and representation for facilities and technologies in the hemp industry. Much more than their role as equipment distributors, Root Sciences have years of hands-on experience in growing and processing technologies also. In partnership with international manufacturers and suppliers, they engineer equipment in the hemp and cannabis industry with precise and accurate yields. As a testament to their initial aim, Root Sciences now have over two hundred and seventy cannabis and hemp processors using their equipment with repeat clients and customers as well.  

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