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Europe World News

Historical High: Luxembourg may become the first EU country to legalize cannabis

The Luxembourg government set the plans in motion for the legalization of cannabis and discussed a fair deal through a coalition agreement between their Liberal, Social Democrat, and Green party.


Marijuana Legalization Efforts in Kenya Reignited After Support from a Legislator

Marijuana legalization efforts have been revitalized after the Kibra Member of Parliament, Ken Okoth joined the growing number of people calling for the legalization of

poison city brewers

Durban Poison Cannabis Lager : South Africa’s First Cannabis Infused Beer

Durban’s craft brewery, Poison City Brewing, has wasted no time in launching the first cannabis-infused beer Durban Poison Cannabis Lager in South Africa. This was


Thailand Moves Forward With Legalization of Marijuana

From Death Penalty To Legalization Currently, the country maintains the illegal status of cannabis regardless of the purpose of use, whether recreational or medical. Anyone