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Contributor Guidelines

Let’s Start With Some Basic’s

In our never-ending quest to make Maryjane’s Post the go-to resource for cannabis and dispensary professionals, we’re always looking for trending, savvy people to share their expertise on our blog.

  • Read through this entire page before pitching. It’s important to follow the guidelines to keep our brand consistency that our readers value.
  • We can’t accept everyone. Make sure your article meets our guidelines.
  • Some helpful indicators that your article be accepted.
  • You are active in the cannabis community.
  • You are vetted author with other blog platforms.
  • Your content is fresh and original.
  • Your writing is clear and concise.
  • Your post is over 800 words.
  • Make sure we haven’t already covered your topic before. A good article comes with great research, make sure you have down your homework.

About Maryjane’s Post

Founded in 2018, our goal is to become the worlds news source for all things cannabis. As we continue to grow and strategically partner with cannabis brands around the globe, we invite you to join us by submitting your current cannabis news. Maryjane’s Post is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada but welcomes contributors on an international level.

Our Audience

Anyone and everything cannabis, from product reviews, political actions, to pop culture, if it is related to marijuana we want to publish it. We market on a global level, no matter what city, state, or country.

Current Traffic

10K+ monthly pageviews and growing across multiple countries

Brand Voice

Educational and actionable, with a friendly conversational tone.

The Benefit

Some of the benefits of writing for an international cannabis blog may help you build your reputation and further your career. You will get a lot of exposure and credibility. We’re committed to running the best possible blog we can to serve our rapidly growing audience. Your work will be promoted across all our social media channels and through our email newsletters.

Suggested Topics

Here are some suggestions for topics we’re looking for:

  • Anything to do with
  • cannabis-related products,
  • politics about marijuana,
  • marijuana business or pop culture that relates to cannabis.
  • World travel news,
  • cannabis regulations,
  • cannabis stock market,
  • marijuana dispensaries,
  • growers, businesses or professional’s.
  • How-to guides for all different skill levels, from beginners to advanced. (ex. how to roll a backwood, how to properly Decarboxylate your weed)

If we accept your proposed topic, we have some guidelines on how to submit your post. Following each of these steps will make life easier for everyone.

Style Guidelines & Requirements

Read our blog. Develop a sense of what we publish.
Follow us on social media. Common sense, how do you expect us to support you if you can’t even support us with follows, likes, tweets, and shares?
Tell a story. Cover who, what, when, where, how, and why.
Be creative. Your post must be relevant and targeted towards the cannabis community.
Do your research. Use data and statistics to back up your claims. You must cite your sources, images and provide links.
Break Up Text. No more than three sentences per paragraph. We like simple reads.
Must Use H2 and H3 Subtitles. Stick to H2 and H3 sub-headers, all articles must have a minimum of two sub-headers to break the article down into a simple read.
Your post must be comprehensive. Your post needs to cover its topic in full with no missing details.
Your post must be actionable. Telling people what to do isn’t enough. You need to show your reader how to get things done.
Your post must be at least 800 words. If you’re going to be actionable and comprehensive, it’s tough to write less than this many words.
You must propose a target keyword. It doesn’t necessarily need to have a high search volume.
Your post will not be published elsewhere. We prefer fresh, original content that’s targeted to our readers.
If your post is published, we’ll ask that you respond to all comments for the first 30 days after it’s posted. We use Disqus, and or facebook which makes it easy to stay notified when new comments appear.
Be thoughtful when including links. Posts with too many links back to your domain will look spammy and will be rejected.
Self-promotion. Avoid promoting your tool or company in your post. Your author bio is a good place to do that.
Give credit. Check your facts and quotations. Cite your sources.
Let your heart show. Where appropriate, share your feelings!

Do you edit submitted posts?

Yes, we reserve the right to edit all posts submitted for consideration to the Maryjane’s Post Blog. If your post requires major changes, we will loop you in and work together on edits. If your post needs minor edits, we may make the changes without notifying you.

This doesn’t happen frequently, but we also reserve the right to not publish your post if we decide it’s not a strong fit for the blog. You are then free to publish it elsewhere.

After the post appears on Maryjane’s Post, can I republish it on my own blog?

The blog post must remain exclusive to Maryjane’s Post for 60 days. After that, you are free to republish your post, but make sure to note that the post originally appeared on Maryjane’s Post.

Maryjane’s Post has content partnerships with select media outlets who have the option to republish posts that originally appear on the Maryjane’s Post blog. If your post is republished to one of these sites, your byline will be included and the post will link back to the original Maryjane’s Post post with your full bio.

Ready to pitch your idea? Send them to
Daron Robinson, Founder, and Editor and Cheif

Final details and how to submit

When you submit your article make sure the following is complete or your post will be automatically rejected. Create An Account, by selecting the my account menu on the top menu of the home page.

Your bio: Bio should be approximately 80 words and should include your Twitter handle, as well as any other relevant links you wish to display: your blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, website URL, etc. This is a great place to include any promotional or gated links as we generally don’t allow them in the body copy.

Your headshot: We use a site called Gravatar to manage our author’s headshots. New contributors should create an account there and upload a headshot. Once this is done, we’ll need the email address that was used to register the account, so we can associate your headshot with the author profile we will use in your posts.

Now Send Us Your Best Post!
You’ll reach a new and growing audience, establish yourself as an authoritative voice in the industry, and have fun all at the same time. Plus, you’ll be supporting our mission providing top trending cannabis news to the cannabis community. More diverse voices will make our blog better, so pitch us your best ideas now!

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