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The Cannabinoids Part 2: Canna-What?

A quick guide through nature's mysterious healing compound The medical industry has discovered a new strain of chemical compounds that

John Villari Posted John Villari July 15, 2019 Tags:

Why the Latest Cannabis Research on Anxiety Is Slightly Misleading

To rigorously assess how well cannabinoids work in a clinical setting, cannabis needs to be readily accessible in various chemical

Indica vs. Sativa: In-Depth

Current State of Cannabis Classification Botanists have struggled to agree and consistently categorize the taxonomy of cannabis. Without definitive taxonomy,

Sydny Merrill Posted Sydny Merrill June 13, 2021

New Study Suggest Misnamed Cannabis Varieties

As cannabis gets legalized in more and more states, research on the plant become imperative. New study suggests that machines

CBD Absorption: The Implications for Bioavailability

Given CB2’s role in affecting inflammation, it’s simple to see why CBD has been so useful in combating conditions that

The Cannabinoids Part 1: Cannabinoids Are Human

Cannabinoids...sound familiar? This term has been thrown around when referring to the legalization of cannabis, especially cannabis health.   It

A Novel Phytocannabinoid 30 Times Stronger than THC

THC or Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol is at the forefront of what is a collection of more than 100 compounds in the Cannabis

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Australia: Bringing Regulatory Oversight for Non-Compliant Medical Marijuana Product Advertisements

TGA or the Therapeutic Goods Administration is reviewing complaints made against medical cannabis companies using non-compliant advertising. According to a

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors July 14, 2020 Tags:

Everything You Need to Know About Delta-8 THC

Did you know that support for the legalization of marijuana is higher than it's been in the past five decades?

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors March 9, 2021 Tags:

Clint Eastwood Files Lawsuits Against CBD Firms Over False Endorsements

90-year-old Hollywood star, Clint Eastwood, has filed two lawsuits against several companies to have falsely used his name and image

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors August 8, 2020 Tags:

Marijuana Legalization Efforts in Kenya Reignited After Support from a Legislator

Marijuana legalization efforts have been revitalized after the Kibra Member of Parliament, Ken Okoth joined the growing number of people

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors January 25, 2019 Tags:

Top Five Sativa Marijuana Leaf Strains

Introduction There are two major cannabis species that are most commonly used. These include the Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica.

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors October 19, 2018 Tags:

State Cannabis Legislation: Bills Passed in 2020

Here’s your ultimate guide on the reforms surrounding marijuana:

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors April 2, 2021

Top 3 Cannabis Friendly Destinations in Jamaica

Top 3 Cannabis friendly accommodations for visitors to Jamaica It is hard not to think of marijuana when you think

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors February 5, 2019 Tags:

Cannabis and the Elderly: 7 Online Resources Just for Seniors

Marijuana is wasted on the young. Old age is THE time to consume marijuana. As a senior citizen myself, I

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors April 19, 2019 Tags:

How to Become a Budtender: An Essential Guide for Beginners

Now is the right time, as any, to become a budtender. Statistics show the cannabis industry added 73,000 jobs in

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors August 1, 2021 Tags:

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Types of Numerology: Understanding The Spiritual Messages In Your Numbers

Origins of Numerology Numerology, on its own, simply indicates the divine study of numbers. These numbers are used for guidance and insight in one's life

MJP Editors Posted MJP Editors April 25, 2021