Cannabix Technologies Inc. has announced the development of a new version of its THC Breath Analyzer (THCBA) and is gearing for the testing phase of the new device. The THCBA 2.0 includes advanced features that will ensure a more accurate reading of marijuana using the breath of an individual.

Cannabix specializes in the development of marijuana breathalyzers for law enforcement agencies and professional workplaces. They aim to innovate breathalyzer technologies using durable and portable means to enhance the detection of marijuana. The drug testing device detects THC – a component of marijuana that is responsible for intoxication – using breath samples. Research has shown that breath is a better indicator than saliva, blood or urine because THS remains in the breath for a short period of approximately 1 to 3 hours. In other cases, THS remains detectable through other means of the body usually days or even weeks after smoking marijuana. The short detection period aligns with peak impairment and an ability to deduce the last smoke consumed.

Results WithIn Five Minutes

The THCBA has notable features such as single-hand ergonomic design and single-stage direct breath capability. Testing samples showcase that the device can provide sufficient results within five minutes of use. The THCBA uses a disposable spit trap and provides easy prompts that determine positive or negative results of THB present in the breath.

The THCBA 2.0 has been built using 3D print technologies for fast prototyping and design flexibilities. Engineers have also started experimenting with different design materials that would be more advantageous. Unfortunately, due to the recent COVID-19 hit, testing for the new device slowed down. However, the company recently renewed conversations with potential test-user groups to kickstart the prototyping of the technology.

COVID-19 Allows for improvements

Ray Mlait, CEO of Cannabix Technologies Inc., stated, “Our team have been diligently pressing forward with the development of our marijuana breathalyzer devices through the various constraints that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us and our suppliers. We have improved the design and form factor of the THCBA and look forward to collecting more user data.”

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