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With the USA’s cannabis market valued at 11.3 million dollars, vaping technology has developed tremendously to meet hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries’ vaping demands.

While there are many leading brands out there in the vaping industry, it makes sense to say that there may be even more vape making brands that make mediocre products. Sampling through all these products to find the best vaporizer that works best for you is challenging. Lucky for you, that’s where we come in.

Having sampled many vapes from various brands, we can confidently say that the vapes listed here are some of the best vaporizers on the market.

Our sampling criteria are extensive and consider several aspects, including creativity and innovation, to help come up with a list of premium quality and reliable vapes.

We took a variety of factors into consideration, which contributed to us choosing Dr. Dabber as our winning brand in this competition. Dr. Dabber vapes surpassed our expectations of their products’ basic features. Their products also have several unique special features that set them apart from the rest of the crowd, making them some of the best vaporizers around.

If you’re a newbie vaper, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most basic features that every vape should have. Dr. Dabber products surpassed all the expectations set for them at this level.


All vaping devices should be small enough to be carried around comfortably. You shouldn’t purchase vaping devices that may limit your movement since you won’t get to enjoy your sessions that much. The device should also be discreet to make the process of packing your herbs easier. Dr. Dabber’s premium quality vaporizers are portable, easily fitting into most small bags.

Rechargeable batteries with 150 uses

How do you feel when your herb runs out, and you are nowhere near a vendor? Imagine that you’ve got your herb and your vaping device, but after packing it, you realize that it has run out of power, and you have no immediate way of charging it. That’s why you should invest in Dr. Dabber vapes since they come with batteries that can be fully recharged in sixty minutes and have a minimum of 150 uses.


Vaping devices should be made out of durable material that can last you a long time. You don’t want to be buying vaping devices every other day or holding your chest and bracing for a heart attack every time your device drops onto the ground.

Dr. Dabber’s vaping devices are made of hard, durable plastic materials that form a layer of protection around the gadget. The device’s internal electronics are also sealed in a protective casing that protects them from corrosion.

Special features · Induction heating technology

While most devices use conduction and convection forms of heating to heat the herbs or oil, Dr. Dabber’s vapes rely on a different method known as induction. This form of heating has distinct advantages. The first one is that it can heat the herbs to the target temperature in a concise amount of time, 4 seconds.

The second advantage is that the induction heating setup is shielded from the electronics, which means that substances can’t leak into the electronic circuits and damage them. You could pour some water into the device and heat it to boil without damaging the device.

Smart settings

Temperature control is one of the essential features available in most vaping devices currently. The main reason for this is that herbs come with different amounts of moisture. Vaping can be a little complicated without proper temperature regulators. With Dr. Dapper vapes, you can set your target temperature, press the switch, and voila! You’re doing your thing in an average of four seconds.

Dr. Dabber vapes come with 25 different temperature settings that emphasize an equal number of tastes, such as flavor, vapor density, or if you want to have a cloudy experience. These preset flavors give you various options to choose from; however, you may want to enjoy your vaping experience.


The SWITCH is an induction heating vaporizer that can be used for both flower and oils. You can make the adjustments between these two by pressing a button.

Features Modes

  • · Leaf mode
  • · Oil mode
  • · 25 advanced modes for leaf and oil
  • · Crystal mode (extra accessory required)
  • Precision heating induction cups
  • White ceramic, black ceramic, and crystal (sold separately)

Self-cleaning mode

The vape produces a high energy heat cycle that helps burn any remaining residue and kills any microbes.

Automatic cooling safeguard

If you’re worried about your device overheating and causing you injury, you shouldn’t. The switch is automatically programmed to shut down and cool off once the temperature reaches certain levels, protecting your device and extending its lifespan.


This dab pen is functional and straightforward. It is enclosed in stainless steel that looks sleek but durable. It has three temperature settings with a lit logo that displays colors that correspond to the device’s temperature.

The battery has a temperature resistance coefficient, which means that it works to maintain the induction coil’s temperature, which prevents it from overheating and burning the extracts.


Three modes

  • i.550f- Green
  • ii.630f -Cyan
  • iii. 775f -Orange

Haptic feedback

The device vibrates any time you switch it on or off.

Pre-heat function

Steal features a pre-heat function of 460f that lasts 5-10 seconds, which shows the color purple and vibrates when done. You can use Stella for 20- 30 minutes before you need to charge it.


The SWITCH bundle is the next big step for your vaping experience. With this bundle, we have included everything that you need to enjoy a fantastic experience. We’ve included our bestselling accessories to go with the SWITCH vaporizer.

The bundle includes:

  • · The SWITCH kits
  • · Budder cutter
  • · SWITCH: ball attachment
  • · SWITCH: quartz induction cup
  • · SWITCH: bubble carb cap

SWITCH: RED EDITION (Pre-order now)

This vaporizer is the third variation of the limited SWITCH edition. The limited red edition has the newly designed carb cap and an anodized dab tool combo that you can’t find in any other SWITCH product. These vaporizers are available in limited quantities. Make your pre-order today. Orders start shipping out by the end of October.

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Don’t just buy any vaporizer; aim to buy the best. The type of vaporizer you use has a significant influence on your vaping experience. If you’re starting, make sure you get the best vaporizer that you’re comfortable with. If you’re having a bad experience with your current vaporizer, know that it’s not too late to change.

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