Precision Extraction Launches CRS 2000 – Latest Cannabis Harvesting Technology

Precision Extraction Solutions Partners with CryoCann USA to develop Industry-Disruptive Product

Precision Extraction Solutions recently announced its partnership for the distribution and sale of CryoCann – America’s patent pending technology integrated in the CryoMass Refinement System (CRS 2000).

Precision is a leading industry in cannabis and hemp extraction equipment, technology, lab testing and site planning, training and consulting. The company thrives to achieve customer satisfaction in its technologies through innovation, safety and service.

Ground Breaking Refinement System

The CRS 2000 is a harvesting and refinement system that uses patent pending technology to harvest and purify biomass produced from cannabis and hemp farming. It freezes the plant at a rate of up to 600,000 grams per hour and separates essential compounds from the biomass such as THC and CBD.

The process sublimes water at an increasing rate and reveals 90% dried output with a massive reduction in biomass volume of around 80%. The resulting solution can be stored in warehouses at room temperatures for long periods of time. It can also be further processed into hemp distillate or isolated for use in consumer products.

The CRS 2000 outputs a high, refined product. The process increases solvent-based extraction volume by 400% compared to other technologies and is extremely advanced for hemp farming.

Words Of CEO Marc Beginin

Marc Beginin, the CEO of Precision, stated, “Currently there are millions of pounds of harvested hemp biomass on the verge of spoilage. The CRS 2000 constitutes a total farming solution to circumvent hemp and cannabis drying, storage, waste and decomposition. Also, because of its dual functionality as a highly effective extraction device, the technology has broad applications.”

The innovation of the CRS 2000 is a direct reflection of the company’s goal to create customer satisfaction using end-to-end solutions for the cannabis and hemp industry. With the company’s unmatched manufacturing technologies, a larger benefit goes to farmers and processors in the hemp and cannabis harvesting industry.

Learn More About Precision Extraction and the CRS 2000 here.

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