Cannabis Industry Growth

When it comes to cannabis tech companies, you have a wide selection to choose from. With the legalization of weed spreading globally, the cannabis market is hot. We have compiled a list of our top 27 cannabis tech companies that you should know to exist.

We are covering everything from the latest cannabis POS systems to digital cannabis marketing firms. As consumers find THC and CBD products more and more assessable, the demand for convenience and innovation is rising. 

Cannabis Tech Companies We Covered

Our cannabis tech list includes cannabis pos systems, cannabis apps, cultivation companies, and cannabis CRM’s. This list of cannabis tech companies has been compiled based on popularity within the industry, solutions that MaryJane’s Post has used personally, as well as recommendations from our affiliates.

We encourage you to contact the cannabis tech companies on this list and let them know you found them because of our post. Thank you for the support in developing MaryJane’s Post into a global cannabis news publication.

What is cannabis tech?

Cannabis “tech” short for technology provides a digital or physical solution to cannabis professionals backed by scientific engineers. Whether your organization is B2B or B2C, there is likely a cannabis solution that will fit your industry needs. As venture capitalist continue to take notice of the growth in the cannabis market, you can expect a wave of new solutions in the cannabis tech industry.

Examples of cannabis technology would be MANTIS, a digital marketing platform dedicated to the developing, legal cannabis industry. Another example would be Easy Roots, which provides cannabis cultivation solutions. We will cover these companies later within the post. 

Where can you find cannabis technology companies?

A simple Google search will likely lead to the well-known players in the cannabis industry. If you are looking to gain insight within the cannabis industry, we recommend Cannabis Tech. Cannabis tech is an online directory filled with the latest cannabis companies. Cannabis Tech is the fastest-growing community of growers, scientists, innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Another resource that we like beside ourselves is The Motley Fool. Their tagline says it all making the world happier, smarter, and richer. The Motley Fool stays up to date with the latest start-up companies and investment insights.

Our Top 27 picks for cannabis tech companies 

This list has been compiled based on popularity within the industry, solutions that MaryJane’s Post has used personally as well as recommendations from our affiliates. We encourage you to contact the companies on this list and let them know you found them because of our post. Thank you for the support in developing MaryJane’s Post into a global cannabis news publication. 

27: Ardent

Category: Decarboxylation

Ardent is a Boston based bio-tech and medical device company that aims to deliver the benefits of cannabis use through effective administration. It manufactures a decarboxylator, ‘Nova’, targeted for medical cannabis patients. The Nova activates the THC and CBD in cannabis to make it biologically available so it can be smoked, cooked, or directly ingested for medical use.

26: Steep Hill Labs

Category: Cannabis Data & Analytics

Steep Hill is the world’s leading cannabis science and technology company with significant footprints in lab testing, research, and development, licensing, genetics, and remote testing. No other company brings all of these sectors into one highly synergistic whole. Steep Hill’s foundation was built on testing and analyzing medical and recreational cannabis to ensure compliance with public safety standards. 

25: Mantis

Category: Digital Marketing

Mantis is an advanced digital marketing platform in the cannabis industry. It promotes transparency and fairness, whilst offering marketing solutions to businesses.

24: Black Dog LED

Category: Cultivation

The company was created in 2010 with the aim of providing the best possible plant grow lights. Their artificial lights are suitable for growing any plant. With no compromise on quality, Black Dog LED provides grow lights that incorporate a full spectrum.

23: Cannasouth

Category: Medical Research

Based in New Zealand, Cannasouth produces and distributes safe, traceable and effective cannabinoid medicines and therapeutics for patients. Cannasouth has state of the art laboratories, research and cultivation facilities, which they use to provide medicines of the utmost quality.

22: AEssenseGrows

Category: Cultivation

AEssence provides smart plant growth platforms and software for the optimum growth of plants with zero pesticides. They believe that their products will bring about a new revolution in agriculture.

21: Potbotics

Category: App

PotBotics is a tech company in the medical cannabis market. It uses Artificial Intelligence to help patients and medical professionals personalize cannabis to better predict treatment outcomes. They have developed three main products, including PotBot, PotBotMD and RYAH. PotBot is the world’s first cannabinoid recommendation engine. PotBotMD provides various solutions to medical professionals in the cannabis industry. Lastly, the RYAH is a medical grade vaporizer specifically designed for medical patients.

20: Trellis

Category: Cannabis POS Software

Trellis provides cannabis-compliance software to businesses in the cannabis industry. They have a full seed-to-sale platform that provides various services. A few of these include inventory tracking, purchase tracking, reporting on yields and inventory, tracking of harvests, maintaining chain of custody records, and so on.


Category: Cultivation / Cannabis Hub

Kassi is a tech startup that creates devices that help track cannabis storage and consumption. Kassi provides a holistic solution through its device, which includes features, such as a storage hub, electric grinder, and digital scale. The device can also be paired with a mobile app, which gathers and communicates all information to the user.

18: Seedo

Category: Cultivation

Seedo, one of the top cannabis tech companies, provides home devices that come with mobile apps for users to help them grow and harvest plants from the comfort of their homes. The Seedo device does not require its users to have any prior experience or knowledge of harvesting. The device features an intelligent automated hydroponic system, which delivers maximum yields with minimum efforts.

17: Headset

Category: Cannabis Data & Analytics

Headset provides insights into the cannabis consumer trends as well as market intelligent solutions to cannabis business retailers and sellers. They provide data on consumer behavior and trends, thus enabling sellers and retailers to succeed in the industry and stay ahead of their competitors. Along with that, Headset provides services related to finance, distribution, dispensaries, etc.

16: LeafList

Category: Cannabis App

LeafList ranks the highest on our list of the top cannabis tech companies. It is a networking app for individuals in the cannabis industry. The app promotes transparency, trust, and real connections with others.

15: LEAF

Category: Cultivation

LEAF offers a system to its users, allowing them to grow natural, clean, and pesticide-free plants and herbs. The process is controlled by a mobile application that helps regulate temperatures and humidity. LEAF system requires the least amount of effort, making the process easy, cost-effective, and safe.

14: Simplifya

Category: Cultivation

Founded in 2016 in partnership with the Vicente Sederberg law firm, Simplifya is a company that provides user-friendly software to businesses in the cannabis industry. This software makes it easy for businesses to remain in compliance with state and local regulations. Not only that, but Simplifya also keeps track of a business’s history of compliance, ensures every employee is compliant, holds them accountable as well as mitigates the risk associated with non-compliance.

13: Enlighten

Category: Digital Marketing

Enlighten specializes in providing retail and marketing solutions in the cannabis industry. It uses its SMARTHUB ecosystem to create marketing plans and campaigns as well as manage customers’ retail experience.

12: Hound Labs

Category: Law Enforcement

Hound Labs is a medical tech company that believes in providing fair and practical solutions to public health and safety issues. For this purpose, the company created the Hound Marijuana Breathalyzer, which is used to accurately detect recent marijuana use by measuring THC (an active ingredient in marijuana) in the breath. The Breathalyzer is intended for use in law enforcement, employment, and insurance settings.

11: Puffco

Category: Cannabis Accessories

Puffco provides a flavorful consumption experience. Their vaporizers don’t contain any chemicals or toxins. With a focus on design and engineering, Puffco aims to provide the perfect platform for concentrate consumption.

10: Greenbits

Category: Cannabis POS Software

Greenbits is a tech company that provides a retail platform for businesses in the cannabis industry. It aims to increase sales through business solutions that make retail smarter, easier and safer,

9: Syqe

Category: Pharma-Tech

Syqe is a pharma-tech company that develops technologies that enable the delivery of therapeutic molecules by inhalation in a precise manner. It does so through its breakthrough technology which incorporates medical cannabis. The inhaler aims to relieve pain, leukemia, anxiety, etc.

8: tCheck

Category: Potency Testing

tCheck is a home testing device that helps you accurately identify the potency levels of cannabis in edibles, plants, etc.. tCheck products also help businesses in the cannabis industry, enabling them to meet industry regulations.

7: Easyroots

Category: Cultivation

EasyRoots is the perfect resource for anyone looking to set up their own cannabis cultivation business. They offer technology and equipment for growth, cultivation facilities designs, and engineering services, as well as guidance on dealing with sourcing bidders. They provide all these services with the aim of optimizing profits and minimizing costs.

6: MJ Platform

Category: Cannabis Data & Analytics / Compliance

MJ Freeway, an Akerna company, is the first cannabis-specific software that tracked every gram, from seed to sale. We provide data-driven, cannabis technology solutions that deliver a return on investment value across the entire cannabis supply chain.

5: Eaze

Category: Cannabis Delivery

Eaze is an online marketplace that provides legal access to cannabis to its users who get it delivered to their doorsteps. Not only that, but Eaze also aims to educate people about cannabis and how it aids in wellness and health.


Category: Cannabis CRM

Baker is a CRM platform. It helps dispensaries generate more sales and build relationships with customers with its software called, ‘Blackbird’. The software aims to streamline the supply chain process and provide various other services to dispensaries, including last-mile deliveries, distribution, and transportation.

3: Flowhub

Category: Cannabis POS Software

Flowhub provides a management platform to help retailers and distributors manage complex compliance regulations, supply chain data, sales, inventory tracking, and business intelligence. Through these services, Flowhub aims to simplify business operations through technology and build a scalable cannabis industry for all.

Category: Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace

Leaflink provides a platform for regulation-compliant sellers, buyers, retailers, and distributors in the cannabis industry. It was created initially with the aim to streamline the cannabis supply chain process in order to make it more simple, easy, and efficient.

1: New Frontier Data

Category: Big Data & Intelligence

It is a technology driven Analytics Company that offers market data, business intelligence, and solutions for investors, sellers and distributors in the cannabis industry. They offer various different services, ranging from reports to advisory services, to help others make the right business decision.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the marijuana tech industry has been growing exponentially and a whole new wave of tech companies have been launched.

Keep an eye on these up and coming marijuana tech companies who are leading the industry with innovation and technology.

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