With the growth of the legal cannabis industry booming in today’s market, it can still be difficult for legitimate businesses to make those valuable connections to other businesses in the industry. It’s a make or break industry where a cannabis company’s reputation is everything.

Regardless of your own personal background and role in this emerging marijuana market, there is one variable that remains constant. Reputation! That reputation is not necessarily from the customer base but in the recognition from other marijuana industry professionals.

You might not think that making these connections is all that important because the industry is so hot right now; however, like any other business venture, making worthwhile connections with other industry professionals could be the difference between the success or failure of your cannabis business.

Cannabis Networking Community

Networking is important in every business venture. With an industry like cannabis, your ability to network with other professionals is of vital importance to the overall success of your company. Many people are looking to branch out on their own and establish their own brand, which is that entrepreneurial spirit that has made the industry see so much growth.

Just because it is legal for recreational and medical uses across the country doesn’t mean that you will automatically find your company a success. It’s going to take hard work and connections. That’s where a company like LeafList can help take your business to the next level. LeafList was built with one goal in mind. To help cannabis professionals network with other professionals both within and outside the legal cannabis industry.

Membership in LeafList’s community is by invitation only. What this means is that the connections available through their platform are completely legitimate and have been vetted by the staff at LeafList. They encourage their members to only connect with other members, thereby growing the industry with only the best professionals, companies, and the products/services they offer.

LeafList App

LeafList Reputation Management Platform

LeafList is an online professional networking community for cannabis industry professionals. Their goal is to connect the best in the industry to help create transparency and trust amongst cannabis industry professionals.

They have what they call a “personal reputation metric” which serves to give ratings to those companies who are the best in the industry. By helping to connect only the best in the industry, it can help to take the guesswork out of finding legitimate business contacts. Members of LeafList report having a viable network of trusted professionals helps them identify new opportunities and areas where they can safely look at other business ventures in the cannabis industry.

They are successfully meeting a need to help with the professional networking of cannabis professionals. It is their goal to legitimize the cannabis industry and to reward those businesses demonstrating the highest levels of professionalism by connecting them to one another.

Founded in 2015, they are based out of Denver, Colorado and have a goal to connect the best industry professionals through their site. CEO Mike Bologna has a tech consulting background and understands the needs of professionals in emerging industries to connect with other viable sources. Tyler Aldridge is LeafList’s COO and has over 10 years experience in various design, development, marketing, support, operations, and project management roles with a passion for bootstrapped small businesses and startups.

How LeafList Works

Cannabis industry professionals create accounts on the networking platform. From there, they are able to form their own connections with other cannabis professionals throughout the industry. The platform has an endorsement system where other professionals can rate their experiences with one another and provide feedback about their experiences.

Connect With Colleagues 

leaflist connect

Interact With Your Network

leaflist network

Grow Your Score

leaflist grow

Evaluate and Leverage

leaflist evaulate

That feedback is translated to a score that other members are able to see. Members are able to grow their score by achieving certain milestones, answering industry-related questions, and inviting other worthwhile professionals to the site.

Before you even decide to get into business with another company, you are able to see the ratings of other LeafList members regarding their experience with that particular company. This helps to eliminate the risk of dealing with a company with a less than stellar cannabis reputation.

Benefits of LeafList

LeafList helps those in the industry regulate themselves with regard to a business’s reputation. It keeps the power with the companies themselves, not some outside entity that does not even understand the complex nature of the legal cannabis industry.

This reputation system is unbiased and based solely on the performance and quality of the interactions amongst industry professionals. That unfiltered feedback means that you can make an informed decision before you put your time, energy, and capital into partnering with a company that isn’t up to par.

What you get is the opportunity to partner with the absolute best in the industry, which means that the odds of achieving viable growth and meeting your company’s goals is much higher than if you were trying to do all the legwork yourself. LeafList helps to take the guesswork out of finding partners, and you will be able to make the most informed, practical decisions that your company deserves.

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