If there is one factor holding you back from joining the green rush, what would it be? We think it’s fear. Fear of the unknown can be intimidating to many people. The cannabis industry is rife with this uncertainty. 

Regardless of your knowledge and experience, it is near impossible to know everything about the cannabis industry. The many moving parts and ever-changing regulations are why we decided to put this piece together. Why go at it alone, when you can go further together. 

Top cannabis consultants are essential to growth – cannabis consultants or cannabis firms bring knowledge, experience, and insights. They have the drive to educate their clients and take your cannabis venture to the next level!

Finding a Cannabis Advisor

How do you choose the right cannabis consultant for your business?

We have compiled this list of top cannabis consultants as-well-as top cannabis consulting agencies based on several factors. These include current relevance in the industry, reviews, trends, social following, articles recently published, and search ranking. 


Leveraging a deep understanding of all areas of cannabis operations, 3C™ helps clients grow in more ways than one. 3C™ Consulting helps clients design, build, start, and optimize cannabis businesses from initial assessments and planning through operationalization and ongoing management. 

Their services are tailored to meet the unique goals and objectives of each client. Because 3C™ is aligned with core values related to social, environmental, and economic principles, their clients and their communities prosper in all areas of cannabis operations.

Andrew DeAngelo

One of the current top consultants in the cannabis industry is Andrew DeAngelo, who has created a diverse clientele consisting of large and small cannabis businesses. If the client firm is large and complex, he partners with Global Go, a cannabis advisory firm that provides high-level services in corporate strategy, compliance, logistics, and finance. 

In a recent interview with Forbes, Andrew discusses his past at Harbor view and what he is focused on today. The Last Prisoner Project is most notable in which he and his brother Steve DeAngelo fight criminal injustice for those serving cannabis sentences. 

Canopy Rivers

Canopy Rivers is a venture capital firm specializing in cannabis. Their diverse portfolio extends the cannabis space. Canopy Rivers is building a holistic business ecosystem to complement cannabis companies as they move forward, From seed to sale, 

Having reviewed more than 2,100 different venture pitches, Canopy Rivers has positioned itself in a unique position within the ever-evolving cannabis industry. With a combination of insights, efficient capital allocation, and an in-house team of experts. 

Canna Advisors

A passion for cannabis and constant innovation. This is what you need when navigating the winding road of the cannabis industry. Looking out for the steady businesses and up and comers alike, Canna Advisors offers an hourly consultation to answer any question you cannot find on their site. 

With numerous industry awards and decades of expertise, Canna Advisors’ founders Diane and Jay Czarkowski continue to break the mold. They are extremely proud to say that Canna Advisors was named a “Small but Mighty” Champion of Change by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce in 2018.


Built to grow alongside you and keen on giving back, POINT7 has made a name for themselves as a trusted partner. Quickly realizing that Colorado would be the benchmark for cannabis business success, founder Ashley Picillo decided to offer her expertise to new operators. 

POINT7 is not just about profits. Having committed to 1% For The Planet, POINT7 has taken it upon themselves to give back to the community. The motto is simple: Why not give back to an earth you profit from? With POINT7, you get more than just a commitment to cannabis. 


Green Rush Consulting is laser-focused on winning city and state business licenses for a marijuana dispensary, cultivation, and manufacturing facilities and has the verifiable successful track record to prove it. They also offer additional specialized services with a network of expert consultants who can assist you with everything you need to be successful. 

 As an established consulting company in the cannabis industry, you have to be adaptable and flexible with every entrepreneur’s needs. As the market changes and evolves, Green Rush has set up a variety of succession plans to ensure the necessary support for cannabis entrepreneurs to reach their goals and beyond.


BeGreenLegal has made a name for themselves in the cannabis industry by doing two things very well: a) finding cannabis investment opportunities and b) educating their clients to fast track business development. With the most current industry data, BGL dives deep into data to create a holistic picture of cannabis business opportunities. 

The x-factor for BGL is the way they put the power back into their client’s hands. Rather than invest thousands of dollars over months just trying to learn the ropes, BGL created a package aimed at getting your foot through the grow-op door. Learn about the licensing, regulations, and cannabis property necessary to run a cannabis business. Real-time questions deserve real-time answers. With BGL, your time is an investment. 

MJ Platform

MJ Platform is the World’s largest cannabis B2B tech platform. Sophisticated seed-to-sale technology and consulting services. They developed MJ Platform because their clients were growing and needed software to support them along the way. 

@AkernaCorp noticed the shift within the market, allowing them to meet industry demands. MJ Platform offers cannabis consulting services based on sophisticated data analytics.

Kimberly Dillon

Kimberly Dillon, the founder of Plant and Prosper, focuses on product strategy, brand strategy, and coaching. She loves to help scale up individual firms and works with those who want to launch a novel inhalation device but are unaware of the different business strategies to employ for it. 

Kimberly is the embodiment of walking it as you talk it. The plant comes before everything. Always living for the future, Kimberley pushed herself to be better. She is now overseeing the growth of California’s leading Cannabis brand as the Chief Marketing Officer. 

Maria Montmarquet and Allen Hackett

Founders of Legacy Coterie, Maria Montmarquet, and Allen Hackett, are also in the cannabis consultancy business that top the list. They provide full services in consulting, distribution, and sales of cannabis products, and aim to develop an equitable future in the same industry.

Sapphire Risk

If you are going to put your cannabis venture in the hands of anyone, Sapphire Risk is the way to go. Trust is huge in the cannabis industry. You don’t have to look far to see grow-ops, dispensaries, and retail cannabis companies being robbed. There is even a dedicated Instagram channel, just for stories like this. 

Dispensaries are an attractive target for criminals. On the one hand, cannabis products have been sold on the black market for decades, and the legalization has not eliminated this market. On the other hand, there is a strong incentive to obtain dispensary quality goods to sell on this still very active underground market. 

Additionally, because of federal banking regulations, most dispensaries are forced to have a significantly larger amount of cash on hand at any given moment. With Sapphire Risk, you get the experience and compassion needed to create a holistic security system for your budget. 

Cannabis Networking Tools


LeafList has recently released a new mobile app for users to network within the cannabis industry professionally. We understand the difficulties of connecting with others in the legal cannabis world. We thought it would be an excellent resource for those who may not be in a position to acquire a consultant. 

 Final Thoughts

I’m sure you have heard the old African Proverb: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ There is no better mindset for the cannabis industry. Until federal regulations have completely removed cannabis as a schedule one, there will always be uncertainty. Why deal with the costly navigating of the cannabis industry when you can be in the trusted and qualified hands of these green giants?

Having a cannabis consultant look at your business or new venture with a new lens, maybe the best decision you can make. Seeking cannabis advisors and consultants’ help can maximize your success, reduce risks, and make sure you don’t run into any legal pitfalls as your business continues to grow. Speaking of which, we think its time to get some consulting ourselves.

Listed above are some of the top cannabis advisors and consultants that can help you with all kinds of aspects of running a cannabis business. However, various other services can help your company thrive. For instance, if you need help with the challenging task of cannabis marketing and promoting your cannabis business online, Marijuana SEO can help you succeed.

Find a Cannabis Consulting Job

Cannabis Consulting Jobs Emerging

The cannabis industry is slowly observing a rise in business operations, which means the demand for consultants in the industry will also begin to increase. Due to the fact that cannabis is now legal in 10 states, there’s likely to be more sales than ever! In fact, more than 400 million dollars worth of cannabis was sold on July 4th of this year! When you’re running a business in an industry with all kinds of obstacles and challenges, you can only handle so much yourself.

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