8th Annual CannaGrow Expo | Virtual Edition

This year, the 8th Annual CannaGrow Expo can be attended right from the comfort of your home. For this year’s installment, the expo goes virtual bringing quality cannabis education to growers, extractors, cannabis enthusiasts, etc. Open to all 18 and older, the expo will feature a curated selection of cannabis focused content ranging from cultivation to retail to intellectual property rights. Join CannaGrow March  6 – 8, 2019 to learn about cultivation, extraction, and the latest tech in the cannabis industry.

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How does it Work?

virtual, cannagrowThe CannaGrow Expo is not only available to experts and their peers. Those just interested in learning about cultivation and extraction are encouraged to log in. As a virtual event the lobby, session rooms and expo hall can be accessed using any standard browser on the web or mobile. Tickets for CannaGrow Virtual after February 1 will be 39.00USD. For an additional fee of 149.00USD attendees can download and access all session recordings from the event. Don’t wait! Register for the 8th Annual CannaGrow Expo | Virtual Edition here. Use Promo Code ‘MARYJANESPOST’  to save $20.00.

What can I see?

In the virtual lobby attendees will be able to access the 125+ booth exhibit hall. Attendees will have the opportunity to remote chat with expert growers and view a diverse collection of educational sessions led by world-class experts. Connect directly and learn about the newest developments in cannabis tech and services.

Establishing distribution networks is paramount in order to finance future harvests, satisfy production capacity, and generate revenue to attract investment capital and realize expansionary initiatives. We’ll be discussing phenomena present in the industry which contributes, and detracts from, deal flow execution at various intervals from cultivation to wholesale distribution.
– Preston Gardner

Who Should Attend?

I, for one, will be signing in to learn more about the newest tech in the industry. CannaGrow advertises the event for essentially anyone and everyone with an interest in learning about cultivating and extracting cannabis.

Benefits of a Virtual Expo

A. Increased Flexibility to meet the needs of the individual. Not everyone would have access to this event if held in a major city. This event is an opportunity for those to bear witness to a variety of cultivation and extraction topics.

B. Integrated Technology. A virtual expo is an opportunity to educate cannabis enthusiasts while gaining a real-life look into the inner workings of a cannabis event.

C. Networking. Depending on the state one lives in, the access to legitimate cannabis jobs can range from great to non-existent. Having the chance to learn and network with passionate experts will inspire others to pursue their goals in the industry.

It is not just the event organizers who are excited. The session leaders are ecstatic about sharing their knowledge and expertise in the industry.  I reached out to some of the session leaders to get their thoughts on technology, cannabis and the upcoming CannaGrow Expo | Virtual Edition.

Science meets Passion: Adam Jacques

Adam Jacques(@cbdjacques) has been breeding and growing cannabis in the medicinal and recreational markets for quite a few years. Adam has been involved on every level: from large production facilities to dispensaries to stores. Nowadays, his focus is heavily directed toward high-level breeding research.

Originally focused on  CBD, his motivations have shifted to other cannabinoids. Through his research, Adam’s hope is to further study lesser-known cannabinoids by breeding them into dominance and understanding how they work. Adam is also a high-level consultant for many well-known companies.

Breeding Cannabis for Therapeutic Benefit

Smoking weed: When is someone too high to drive?

Adam: Breeding can easily be broken down into a scientific method and while that is great there is an underlying art that I feel needs to be understood. The creativity and the passion is not something you are going to learn in a book.   When I started breeding we didn’t have lab assistance we had to do it all by heart. I like to go in to both ideas the science and the art. I feel it gives people wanting to breed a much better understanding of what it takes to achieve your personal goals. But I always cover the idea of the plant as whole and not it’s individual parts.
Why attend the 8th CannaGrow Expo | Virtual Edition?

Adam: What better way to educate yourself on the newest issues facing cannabis than by listening to some of the most passionate experts around. The speeches are education only, no pushing brands or selling products. It makes for an environment where learning is at the forefront.  CannaGrow is special in that way. I appreciate the time to focus on the plant and share ideas with other passionate experts in the field.

Technology in the Cannabis Sector
With a long history of prohibition, underground information was essential for developing successful grow operations. With the laws loosening their grip, technology has brought a lot of that research into question. The march toward national legislation is a long one. Yet, as cannabis and hemp become central points of conversation, the industry will become mainstream opening the doors to much-untapped knowledge.
Adam: From the freedom to share ideas online, to being able to use lab-assisted methods, to equipment being developed just for our space. This is a renaissance of the field. We are uncovering and learning so much more with the joining of tech in our space. The CannaGrow Virtual Expo for example. I can go on my computer, record a presentation and then people all over the world can join and listen. It truly is an amazing time we are living in.

Intellectual property protection for novel cannabis varieties will become a huge driver for cannabis businesses as the industry continues to mature, so this is an extremely important topic for breeders and growers in the market today.
Travis W. Bliss, PhD and Attorney at Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney

Attendees will have the opportunity to join the expo hall and chat with vendor reps, and try out demos all within a virtual space. Informational sessions will cover topics on successful cultivation, business practices and productions all from world-class experts.

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