Having a cool and relaxing shower at the end of a long busy day is not only one of the best ways to unwind but also to treat yourself. A soak can replenish your skin, relax sore muscles as well as offer some sort of escape from day to day life stressors.

Combine these effects with a soothing CBD tea bath treatment, and you have an all-round rejuvenating bath experience. As more information comes out about the benefits cannabinol (CBD), a natural cannabinoid found in medicinal marijuana, people are also looking for various ways of using it for wellness.

Fortunately, you can easily bring CBD and its rejuvenating and detoxifying advantages with you into your bathroom with a refreshing CBD Tea bath.

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Made with organic herbs, flowers, and premium sea salts, the tea is sure to rejuvenate and calm your body, mind, and soul. Similarly, the herb’s healing effects can help soothe sore muscles, calm the mind, soften skin, open pores, promote sleep quality as well as boost your mood.

Why CBD Tea Bath?

Comes with anti-inflammatory benefits

CBD also comes with inflammatory benefits. Dissolving the product like a bath bomb or bath salts, in hot water and soaking in helps enhance CBD absorption in your skin via bloodstream pores. This, in turn, helps open airways and relax muscles. The properties are all in tandem with the pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving effects of cannabidiol.

CBD gets absorbed easily and quickly through the skin

As opposed to taking a few drops of CBD orally, allowing it to absorb through the skin, has a more quick and direct effect to your body. It exposes your whole body to it, eventually resulting in more innate effects.

Other vital benefits of the CBD

Cannabidiol is also a very malleable substance. It is an ingredient that works on different systems and organs of the body. It touches on sleep disorders, moods, and anxiety. Blend these variants with a calming bath, and you have the most relaxing experience ever!

How to Use Bath Tea Bags

To enjoy these products, fill your bathtub with warm or hot water and then dip the tea in. Give it time to soak for around 10 to 20 minutes before you get in and enjoy it. A few drops of the teabag is usually enough to change your tub into a replenishing herbal oasis for your entire body, both physically and emotionally.

Is it safe to try CBD tea?

The safety and effectiveness of a CBD product mainly depend on growth as well as the extraction process used. A wide array of studies, however, show that it is a non-toxic and safe ingredient, which means you can use it even in large quantities without experiencing any adverse effects. That’s why you must buy from a trusted retailer. The best dealer will always use top-notch organic growth methods, meaning you will get nothing but the best.

Who makes CBD Tea Bath?

Leef Organics offers several fresh and organic CBD products including CBD tea bath, CBD Infused soaps and CBD skincare. Our personal favorite is the everyday essential box. For all you dog lovers Leef has a pet wellness brand Paleo Paw, which offers CBD treats for pets.

Leef Organics CBD Soap

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