Toronto’s Parkdale Brass only launched in autumn of last year, but still garnered accolades by the holiday season from both Leafly and The Her(B) Life gift guides. Founded by Parkdale local, Shawn Santiago, the brand seeks to breathe life back into the ritual of smoking. Aimed at the professional smoker, Parkdale Brass provides high-quality smokeware inspired by early 20th-century design. With a slogan like ‘functional, timeless, rugged,’ these pipes are certainly worth learning more about.

What You Need to Know about The Brockton

The Brockton was the first metal smoking pipe in Parkdale Brass’s line. Durable brass and elegant design make this pipe something you’d expect a lumberjack with good taste to use. The Canadian cannabis accessories brand pledges that The Brockton can handle “the ups and downs of day-to-day life.” For people who are on the move or like to toke outdoors, this resilient piece may be preferable to other accessories that are shatter prone.

Upgrading to Brockton Mk2

Scheduled to debut very soon, Parkdale Brass’s Brockton Mk2 improves the design of their previous pipe. While much of the design remains the same, some key differences will cause smokers to rejoice.

Crafted From Chrome-Plated Brass

Pure brass certainly has a rustic finish and quality, but can develop tarnish or patina quickly. The team over at Parkdale Brass decided to step it up a notch and use chrome-plated brass for their upgraded pipe. Not only is chrome plated brass safe to use and smoke from, but it also maintains its shine longer.

Protects Your Flower

Anyone who’s ever sneezed and blown their bowl away can appreciate the magnetic lid feature on this pipe. Brockton Mk2’s bowl will be even more secure now with three magnets, instead of just one. To load the bowl, slide the lid open and fill, then slide it back to keep your bud in place.

Designed to Light From The Bottom

Although your muscle memory of sparking up a bowl might be thrown off by this, the fact that you can light from the bottom is handy. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers (or someone else’s) while trying to medicate. The pipe’s design works so that the fire heats the brass and slowly crisps your cannabis like a vape. Parkdale Brass’s Brockton Mk2 will allow you to smoke your flower longer and stretch your cannabis stash, too.

Timeless Smoking Style

Since Parkdale Brass caters to the successful stoner, it’s no surprise that they view their pipes as an investment. These pieces are meant to last a long time and look great for years to come. Smokers and collectors alike needn’t worry that they’ll outgrow the style of this metal smoking pipe. Once you add this pipe to your collection, you’ll want to show it off for everyone to admire and envy.

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