Sip by sip, Kikoko is transforming the way cannabis is consumed. Tales of drinking infused cannabis beverages date back thousands of years and is one of the oldest consumption methods. Since cannabis was first legalized for medical use in 1996, there have been few beverage options which were only found at a handful of dispensaries. Fortunately, this is quickly changing as more states legalize recreational cannabis. Kikoko is helping lead the way and coming up with creative uses to consume cannabis.

Cannabis Infused Herbal Tea

Kikoko is a cannabis-infused herbal tea company based in Northern California. The company was founded by two women Amanda and Jennifer who have the intent of normalizing cannabis consumption. What’s more normal than a cup of tea?

Kikokos open tea

However, Kikoko Teas are not your normal tea blends and the high is not your typical high. These thoughtfully crafted tea blends consist of different cannabinoids and herbs to create unique experiences for people not just looking to get stoned.

These blends start with a purpose and a name that is easily understood by the consumer. They currently have four main offerings, Sensuali-Tea, Sympa-Tea, Positivi-Tea, and Tranquil-Tea. Even if you are new to cannabis, these fun names can provide a lot of direction and understanding of someone looking for relief through cannabis.

People seeking general relief and not just to get stoned are the largest demographic of new cannabis users. More often than not, this group prefers to ingest cannabis-infused edibles as opposed to smoking or vaping the plant.

Kikoko’s Unique Blend

It’s really Kikoko’s blend of various cannabinoids and herbs that make their teas so unique.  While most people are familiar with THC and CBD, cannabinol or CBN is lesser known. CBN is created when THC starts to degrade. It’s also the chemical in old cannabis that makes the user feel tired.


For many people, the ability to sleep through the night is what pushed them to try cannabis in the first place. By formulating CBN into their Tranquli-Tea blend, they are able to target a specific feeling that people desire. In addition, this blend incorporates multiple relaxing and sedative herbs such as chamomile, valerian root, lavender, and cornflower petals to further enhance the effects.

Personal Favorite Cannabis Tea

My personal favorite is the Positivi-Tea. This caffeinated green tea is a 2 to 1 THC to CBD blend that incorporates bright and lively herbs such as peppermint, spearmint, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, licorice root, and safflower petals. As a heavy THC consumer, I sometimes feel that I’m CBD deficient. This is only apparent once I finally consumed CBD. It’s almost as if it balances the THC. It really does wonders to positively boost my mood and the addition of carefully curated herbs also enhance that experience.

KiKOKO Postitive Tea

This synergistic feeling is what sets Kikoko apart from other edibles. These teas use herbs to modulate the effects of the cannabis. Typically it is the smells or rather terpenes that affect a cannabis smoker’s experience. These terpenes are most often lost when making edibles. Therefore, the usual indica and Sativa paradigm isn’t a useful way to judge the effects of an edible. Kikoko’s blends are able to incorporate terpenes and unique effects in their tea with organic herbs and proprietary cannabinoid ratios.

Final Thought’s and Honey Sticks

Whether you are new cannabis user or not, Kikoko makes an amazing product that is worth a try. The ability to drink and eat cannabis to get high is not new. However, Kikoko is taking it to the next level. Their newest product, THC and CBD infused Manuka honey sticks, can boost your tea drinking experience or be enjoyed on their own. These low dose honey sticks are a perfect way to sweeten your tea or add to your morning toast. Kikoko’s cannabis-infused herbal teas are definitely helping change the way cannabis is consumed.

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