Looking for something new (and hysterical) to listen to? Look no further. The Sufficiently Chai podcast, created by millennial blondes Lindsey and Rachel, is full of laughter and insight that only stoners seem to have. Plus, they talk a bit about Judaism as they educate (in their own way) their audience about the Torah.

As they put it, they are “very average Torah scholars” — and that makes the podcast so much fun.

Sufficiently Chai: The Hysterical, Informative, Weed Filled, Jewish Podcast to Listen To

Currently, Sufficiently Chai has 14 episodes available (plus a holiday bonus episode). Their first episode of the first season landed in April at the beginning of 2019, with their season finale landing later at the end of September this same year.

While every episode of Sufficiently Chai is different, there are a few aspects that listeners can look forward to during each listen. The ladies have a discussion aptly titled the “D’var Torah”. During this segment, Rachel and Lindsey chat about the week’s Torah portion. Each week deals with a new section and flows differently than the last. Some weeks are longer, some are shorter.

Through it all, the girls seek to help inform their listeners about the Torah in their own way, while also seeming to teach themselves. We’re all still learning at every stage of our life, aren’t we? Plus, they’re high.

“D’var Torah” isn’t the only recurring segment in the Sufficiently Chai podcast. The girls also chat during what they’ve titled their “JewISH” segment. This discussion follows secular life topics, seen through a Jewish lens. It has the capability to get out of hand and is bound to make listeners laugh.

The two leading ladies always close the episode by playing a couple games, loosening the podcast up even more. They strive to keep all their episodes fun and engaging, while also knowing that some of the topics they discuss aren’t naturally funny. However, that’s where they come in.

While their episodes tend to deal with adult concepts (even if they didn’t start off this way), the girls warn that every podcast episode of theirs is at least PG-13. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t strive to make it a full rate R rating.

The Podcast Where They Talk About Everything, Albeit High

While Sufficiently Chai focuses on getting high and educating others on Judaism, that’s not what the whole podcast is truly about. The two ladies are willing to discuss anything and everything. In fact, in episode 13 (aptly titled Weak ties, baby), they answer a listener’s request to talk about abortion.

However, not every topic is serious, as we mentioned above. Whether they’re talking about if they think they’re going to marry a “bro”, times they’ve almost experienced a drug bust, or “hot Asians”, they always manage to bring about laughter while under the influence.

Plus, the two do manage to touch on topics such as the different benefits to being introverted or extroverted, the common courtesy of being nice, and even the feeling of isolation and how to help those you love when they are feeling down. And, through it all, Rachel and Lindsey manage to keep things light and fun, always willing to laugh at themselves and those around them.

Listen to Season One of Sufficiently Chai Now

So, if you’d like a new (funny) podcast to listen to, it looks like the Sufficiently Chai podcast might be right up your alley. It’s funny, it’s informative, it deals with a range of different topics each and every episode, and it’s actually quite heartfelt at the end of the day.

Go ahead, try listening to this podcast without snorting a little. We dare you.

To listen to the Suffienciently Chai podcast, head to your favorite platform to listen to podcasts (or, you know, go to Apple). You can also follow the girls on Instagram (@SufficientlyChai).

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