10 Cannabis Apps to Know 

Legal cannabis has had its fair share of setbacks. Within a month of the new year we have seen stories covering shortages, moldy buds and even shady business dealings. Despite this, legalization is booming.

Even Southern States are starting to reconsider the benefits of the plant. From east to west, the cannabis train has developed a cornucopia of innovative tech companies and startups. This list looks at some well-known startups that are re-imagining cannabis to the benefit of the consumer and retail owners.

We live in a nation of consumers. Cannabis users expect their product to be as convenient as possible. Budtenders and small business owners need CRM solutions, marketing automation platforms and point of sale software. These apps will help smaller companies to streamline their business. These start-ups only scratch the surface. The industry is tackling everything from social media, business intelligence to vaporizer tech, strain DNA mapping and DIY growers.  

Leafly: A cannabis encyclopedia  

The online middle-man. Leafly aims to help people find cannabis. As the world’s largest cannabis information resource, Leafly has dominated the resource space. Their goal is to empower users to learn about the different strains and products suitable to their needs.

This award-winning company began as a resource for medical patients to learn more about the strains they were given. Now, it has bloomed into a one-stop shop for cannabis enthusiasts.  One of the key features that sets Leafly apart is their covering of positive and negative side effects. Moreover, Leafly’s in-depth database can provide strain options.  

Weedmaps: Put your business on the map! 

Weedmaps is a company dedicated to connecting and educating consumers.  Local owners have the ability to list their cannabis businesses on this app. With a review system in place, Weedmaps ensures a productive dialogue.

Unlike some review sites, Weedmaps does not remove bad reviews at the behest of a business. The app can be downloaded to your phone. With a simple sign-up this app connects you to dispensaries, deliveries, doctors, and even nearby deals. With legalization on the rise all over the country, Weedmaps has the opportunity to develop into the number one app for networking.  

Presto Doctor: Medical Cannabis Start-up  

Residents of California, Nevada, and New York can apply to have their medical marijuana card online. With doctors licensed with the state medical board, Presto Doctor aims to help patients with serious illnesses. Moreover, they want to educate consumers about the positive benefits of cannabis.

For residents in these states, registering is a simple 3-step process. Afterward, clients will be able to chat with licensed professionals through a video chat. And, Presto! You now have your own digital recommendation.  This is a great advantage to the consumer. Not only does it save time; it  helps those with severe health issues who would have a difficult time getting to the doctor’s office. Fast, affordable and private– Presto Doctor boasts an excellent online review with over 6000 reviews and counting. 

Lift: Medical reviews with perks

This Toronto-based company is a cannabis product review database. Some would describe it as the Canadian Leafly. However, Lift focuses on the medical aspect of the business allowing users to explore strains, concentrates and various accessories from licensed producers. In total, the platform currently features 50,000 reviews. An interesting twist to this desktop app is that it offers a reward system that can be used toward prescribed cannabis. They offer user points for completing surveys, product reviews and even attending Lift sponsored events.  

Grobo: Grow your own plant

The do-it-all growing system, Grobo aims to bring the IoT to growing. This Waterloo-based company aims to streamline the process of growing cannabis with their hydroponic system. They use a deep-water culture system that keeps the plant’s roots floating in water rather than soil.

What makes their hydroponic system different from others? It’s an internet-connected grow box.  The user inputs the plant information into the app. Then, the system will monitor water and nutrients while keeping it at the right temperature. Grobo allows you to track your plants progress via an app. With great reviews for the product, Grobo is helpful to beginners and experts alike.  

Eaze and GreenRush: Special Delivery 

The weed version of the Uber-Lyft debate, both Eaze and GreenRush are angling to be the “Delivery Gurus of Weed”. These two beat out the other startups as they have become top dogs in the medical marijuana delivery business. Depending on your zip, it is a toss-up as to which will be more popular. Both offer reliable delivery and pricing, while Eaze has the better backing as a startup, with $51.5 million. 

Baker: Streamline CRM for cannabis retail 

Baker is a customer relationship management platform for the cannabis business. Described as the ‘Salesforce of Cannabis’, Baker helps dispensaries grow their business and customer relationships. Baker is not all smoke either, as it boasts over 1,000 dispensaries who trust in this platform.

By streamlining CRM and sales, Baker’s personalized solutions can help business owners catch up to the race. A review by Elements dispensary in Colorado described Baker as incredibly user-friendly providing loyalty, menus and text rewards all in one platform. Baker is paving the way for CRM solutions in the retail industry.  

Flowhub: Data Visualization POS

This in-depth seed-to-sale tech company continues to lead the way for point-of-sale software for dispensaries. The automatic syncing to state regulations ensure dispensaries are compliant with the law. This is a benefit to smaller retailers and budtenders. Small shops no longer have to spend for outside help determining state regulations.

With this software, stores can focus on the product. Moreover, Flowhub can generate data visualizations and reports for dispensary sales. They clearly seek to educate their clients as well. Their blog covers practical topics like ‘Tracking Performance Trends with Store Dashboards’ and ‘Data Analytics for Multi-Location Dispensaries’.  

MassRoots: Find someone to toke with 

The cannabis social network and one of the few publicly-traded companies in the cannabis space, Massroots helps connect smokers. Besides helping users find dispensaries through their app, Massroots has options to find smoking buddies and even create your own content. With an easy user interface, Massroots gives dispensaries a simple way to connect to their customers.  

New Frontier Data: Data analysis for retail economics 

For an economic sector that will skyrocket over the next few years, it is kind of surprising how few companies are focusing on cannabis market research. New Frontier Data publishes analysis reports and conducts research regularly. Moreover, the real-time data platform Equio manages sales, inventory, and helps the user stay up-to-date on market trends.    

 For more information on canna-business, Check out Mary Janes’s Post on the upcoming CannaGrow Expo |Virtual Edition. 

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