Podcasting has taken the content creation world by storm. This form of journalistic storytelling takes a different approach to conveying knowledge than traditional interviewing formats. From general business topics to more niche industries, podcasting is more popular than ever.

The setup is minimal and who can disagree with the low-cost, easy access and the success of the medium? It makes perfect sense why hosting your own would appeal to people. It can connect you to other individuals or groups in your industry while developing your expertise. Cannabisradio.com is such a place. Moreover,  a this platform gives the host an opportunity to build an audience and connect with other passionate experts.

The path from idea to execution—much like anything else—can be quite complex. So, why not ask for help hosting a podcast? If you have the time to sit down and teach yourself how to host your own, then I applaud your D-I-Y approach. Additional features include a chat room, Spotify playlists, live streams of festivals and the Bud Bash.

Want to host your own? Cannabisradio.com can help you with that. As the premier online radio destination, listeners can stay informed on all-things cannabis. They have topics for all walks of life trying to stay connected to the pulse of the booming industry.  Grow your business while addressing issues facing the nation and individual states. 

Let’s take a lot at some of the diverse subjects currently offered and maybe it will encourage you to start discussing your own cannabis niche.

Extracting Knowledge:

Sit back and listen to new developments in extraction. This podcast is sponsored by Eden Labs. Eden Labs has been providing a wide array of Co2 and ethanol extraction systems. CO2 extraction is one of the most versatile methods around, enabling the production of diverse oils and concentrates. There 20+ years in business has enabled them to produce equipment that can sit on benches or fill up an entire building. Concentrates are on the rise for consumers. Have you heard of raw cannabis oil?

Tommy Chong Podcast:

Who doesn’t want to hear the mellowed out sound of Tommy Chong in the morning? I kid, but this veteran’s podcast will keep you smoking. Hosted by Tommy Chong and his son Paris, The Tommy Chong podcast covers topics from politics, personal battles with cancer and LGBTQ discrimination. Join this father-son duo as they take a comedic look into their lives. More than just a funny duo, this team tackles some important headlines on their show. One segment covered the Hilary Clinton email scandal, a gun debate and praise for Al Pacino’s Tony Montana performance. 

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420 Cloud’s Cannabis Connection

Hosted by mCig CMO and CEO Alex Marikian, 420 Cloud’s Cannabis Connection offers valuable resources and insights into what is known as guerrilla marketing. Take a tour of this podcast series for insights on CBD wellness, advanced tech in the sector, investing and diversity in the cannabis space. For example, Alex was joined by a Harvard MBA and former McKinsey consultant Roy Bingham. Roy started an analytics company recognizing the emerging industry and its lack of data. Business owners can learn about the importance of new tech and sales-based data that are common in more established industries.

Cannabis Life Radio

Ever wondered where the false stoner narratives came from? You are not alone. Hosted by three like-minded individuals–Arby, Scheril and Nasser– on a mission to shed the light on the trials and tribulations of an everyday medical and recreational user. The hosts strive to separate the truth from perception in their home-state of Florida–a state on the verge of loosening medical marijuana regulations. Tune in to this podcast for insights from world renowned experts in the industry. More than just a pro/anti debate, Cannabis Life Radio creates a platform from which to approach topics from a variety of standpoints.

Uninformed about your state’s legalization process? Catch up with the Legal series at Cannabisradio.com and get in depth discussions on the practicality of the laws. The Legal series is a resource for Marijuana Criminal Law. Each Legal episode will answer the same basic questions about the legality of cannabis.

As a resident of New Jersey, I can take a listen to one of the state’s leading attorneys discuss marijuana DUI law’s and the common questions people may have. Not sure how much time you will get for possession of more than 1 lb in the state of Nebraska? Legal’s Daniel Stockmann will tell you the crime comes with a maximum sentence of 5 years detainment and a fine of $10,000. While this is specific to the state of Nebraska, there are topics for all states covering practical issues affecting medicinal and recreational smokers.

Host Your Own Podcast: The Benefits

There are a variety of reasons hosting your own podcast can benefit you. Whether as a small business or just as a consumer, this medium allows for a more personal touch to sharing information. Here are five reasons to consider hosting your own:

  1. Affordability. Since podcasts are delivered digitally, they are cheaper to start up and eliminate many costs associated with other traditional forms of communication.
  2.  Increased Traffic. Good content can help you reach an untapped audience. They help build brand familiarity with a diverse group of listeners. Podcast can be listened to while at home, work or during your commute.
  3. Build Effective Relationships. The content created has to appeal to your audience. People want to listen because they agree with the message and the brand.
  4. Improves Public Speaking. Articulating your thoughts on a subject is a great way to build confidence. You get to develop a natural, easy flow to your communication while developing an expertise in your field. Such a skill would lead to more opportunities on other shows or even public speaking opportunities.

So what is keeping you from sharing your thoughts on a subject important to you? Check out Cannabisradio.com for some more information about hosting your own.

For more inspiration check out Maryjanes Post article on the 10 Cannabis Apps of 2019 and see how the cannabis industry is changing.

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