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Providing attendees with educational opportunities is not the only benefit of the New England Cannabis Conference. Exhibitors are given the chance to advertise and sell their wares to a new demographic. Cannabis products-whether THC or CBD– have a tough hill to climb when it comes to advertising. Google, Instagram, and Youtube have closed down cannabis-related channels for attempting to sell. While the industry learns the new ropes of digital marketing in the cannabis industry, we at Maryjane’s Post, want to share the various entrepreneurs and start-ups developing the industry. From CBD chefs to extractors and beyond, NECANN and many upcoming expo’s in the northeast are giving start-ups a chance to make a name for themselves.

Flower Power Coffee Co.

Each pack of coffee comes with 60mg of CBD giving each cup a total of 5mg. The ability to think on such a large scale will help this brand develop well. It seems such a simple idea really. Just think about what people already do in their everyday life and how to incorporate the health benefits of CBD into that routine. People do love coffee and this blend did not disappoint. My appreciation for coffee started at an early age. A full-body Jamaican blend with a mildly sweet taste. A cup of this had me alert and writing for hours.

Favorite Blend: Ellefson Coffee Co. CBD-Infused Jamaican Blue Mountain

Hippy Chick, LLC.

This award-winning booth was packed with CBD essential oils and award-winning edibles. The CBD rope candy they had as samples was quite the treat: be wary though, there is a dill flavor hidden in the bowl.  It did not disappoint. Their 9 oz vegan-friendly cranberry-granola bar is packed with all kinds of goodness.

Each granola bar contains 5mg of CBD and 4g of protein. Not to mention the amazing texture of homemade granola mixed with cranberries.  You can order packs online. This healthy bar made for a great breakfast, especially while on the go checking out booths and seminars. I had a chance to stop by the booth and learn more about their origins, goals, and passions. Hippy Chick is not a simple psychedelic brand, but rather a commitment to comprehensive care. While they do specialize in essential oils and topicals, Hippy Chick is starting to make a name for herself with award-winning edibles.

Puff Cards

A female majority-equity company in the cannabis space, Puff Cards is about wellness and making memories. Chelsea Buttner, TJ Buttner and Elizabeth Kim wanted to develop a safe and fun way to secure cannabis. I was able to spend a few minutes talking to Elizabeth about their design which was developed with smell resistance in mind. If you ever have the chance to stop by Puff Cards at an expo, you should. Or check out their selection of custom designs online. They have a color corner, where tokers and jokers alike can design their own Puff Card. Design a card and gift your friend a pre-rolled CBD or THC joint.

Favorites: Bakin’ With You, Challadaze, Cocky

Ladyjane Branding

Having trouble finding your voice in the cannabis industry? Not sure what is next on your start-up journey? Well, you may be in need for a brand makeover. The experts at Ladyjane Branding are designing innovative and personalized brand strategies for the cannabis space. Founder Jennifer Whetzel and Creative Director Glen Hawkins want to lend their expertise and personal experiences to the start ups in the cannabis space. I had a chance to take part in the Brand Discovery process quiz.

Essentially, the process helps you narrow down conceptually what your brand character, identity and style are. From there Ladyjane Branding helps startups design a strategy that fits their goals. I  had a feeling I was an explorer and my hunches were confirmed. Even though I only met them for a short while, both Jennifer and Glenn truly have a passion for cannabis business that aim to better peoples lives. Yet, don’t let the cannabis focus deter you from reaching out. In the words of Jennifer Whetzel, “Ladyjane Branding is about helping entrepreneurs stand out and sell more.”

Fronto King, LLC.

I’m going to be real honest with y’all, because–you know–we’re so close. I love blunts. Not just smoking them, but rolling them. I used to be a backwoods guy — note the past tense. Then I found the king. Originating from a tobacco farm near the River Valleys of Connecticut, Fronto King grows their tobacco on 100 acres of land. This family-owned and operated business have been around since the late 1800s. Each batch is grown for two years, allowing the leaves to mature into a distinct earthy flavor.

Something, I learned while at their booth was what “Fronto” means. Typically, it refers to the dark, wrapper-like tobacco leaf. Fronto King, LLC. harvests the leaves at the right time to give them their distinctive dark color, while making sure the leaf is not too thick to inhibit rolling. Fronto King, LLC. even boasts a two-year shelf life for their wraps, if stored correctly. Fronto King flavors include: Strawberry, Chocolate, Grape, Honey, Vanilla, Sweet, and Berry with more flavors coming soon.

Favorite Flavor: Sweet and Honey

True Extracts

I stopped by the True Extracts booth because the 200+ terpene profiles really caught my eye. For a cannabis consumer who knows a handful of terpenes, I just had to find out more.  Boasting the largest selection of terpenes in the nation, True Extracts even produces strain-specific terpene profiles.

Find your Agent Orange Terpene profile and enjoy the sweet, uplifting, citrusy aroma. Not looking for motivated mood? Maybe something a bit more relaxing? True Extracts boast 85 indica-dominant terpene profiles, such as: Platinum Bubba Kush and Skywalker OG. For those of you new to the terpene game, don’t fret over which strain you like best. If you are unsure, go for the sample pack options.

Favorite Packs: Star Wars Sample Pack and OG Sample Pack 

Dab Nation

The Dab Nation booth was littered with a variety of custom pieces, tapestries, pipes and grinders. After spending some time at the booth I came to see the dab lifestyle for what it is. This group of cannabis oil enthusiasts not only provides a selection of dope pieces but also aims to spread the benefits of solventless extracts. What does that mean?

Well, back in the day hash fans had limited options. Extracts were typically extracted using chemicals such as butane or propane. You could try the old-world press method, but who has the time? Interest in heat extraction began to rise, giving way to a solventless hash. Heat extraction is a method that uses heat, pressure and exposure.  What I really liked about Dab Nation was their Knowledge Base. This well-informed selection provides catered content to newbies and experienced oil users alike.

Favorite Pieces: Empire Glassworks Mini Rig – Mushroom Recycler


A very busy booth and rightfully so. Not only were the reps knowledgeable, but ExoticGenetics also pulled no punches showing how proud they are of their award-winning strains. As their site mentions, their journey began with love, passion, and desire for the cannabis plant. Their drive to learn more and produce better quality strains has paid off handsomely. At the 2017 High Times SoCal Harvest Cannabis Cup, Exotic Genetix won Best Indica and Best Hybrid for their “Tina” and “Cookies & Cream” respectively.

What started as a hobby for Exotic Genetix has turned into a staple for quality and innovative strains.

Favorite Strain: Malibu Marsha

There were some truly wonderful businesses and people I could not fit on the list, but so it goes. I look forward to attending more expo’s like these. There is no better way to learn as start-up in the cannabis industry than to attend expos like NECANN Boston. There will be a host of other events hitting the east coast as the region continues to expand recreational use.

Just this March 23, 2019, was the first official day of adult use. There were blocks of enthusiastic people lined up outside the NETA Brookline dispensary being monitored by cops who less than a week ago would have had them in cuffs. It is a great time to be alive, in an industry with many entrepreneurial people who just want to heal and get the world high.

If you missed it, check out Part One Here: “Terpenes, CBD and Mycorrhizae, oh my!”

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