A brand created from a desire to help people connect with each other and their feelings, FlowerShop is a new upcoming cannabis business based on a health and wellness approach. 

Flowershop* Products
G- Eazy and Flowershop* New Cannabis Feels 6

Isaac Muwaswes is the CEO of FlowerShop*, cannabis and lifestyle brand he co-founded with G-Eazy and Gabriel García. The brand is minority-owned with a focus on conceptual wellness and promoting sensory care techniques. Their approach differs from other cannabis brands; with the launch this week, the group’s focus was ensuring the message for FlowerShop as a universal language solely through their products. 


Moving from the Midwest to the Bay Area, I learned different aspects of growing and indulging in cannabis. Besides being a drug to enhance your creativity, cannabis can also help with your health and wellness.

FlowerShop is a brand created to help the world feel better through something they call “Sensory~Care: a mood-and-sensory-based approach to self-care, care for others, and caring for the planet.

Wellness means something different for everyone; it’s less about dieting or restrictions for a workout regiment. The idea of conceptual wellness is finding your own definition of feeling well, and FlowerShop wants to be a part of that experience. The center of attention is to create products and experiences that cater to your senses or mood. Certain scents and aromas, music or food, can be connectivity. 

Smoking weed with someone is like breaking bread; a positive experience and common ground with someone you just meet. It’s can also be integrated as a daily regime that gets you through your day.

Co-founder Gabriel García unsurprisingly agrees, despite growing up in a context where cannabis was demonized. For him, FlowerShop* is about creating products that people can integrate into their routines to make them better.

The small details are essential when making life changes. To see results in your health and wellness, you have to make an effort to change daily. 

Pop Culture 

The legalization of marijuana has begun to change the landscape of how others perceive the drug. A standard narrative that I relate with G-Eazy is sharing that I indulge in cannabis with my own parents. Though it wasn’t easy to admit, my reasoning other than creative is that the drug helps with my anxiety. 

“G-Eazy at Ace of Spades Sacramento” by Kevin Cortopassi is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Being from Indiana, a conservative state, marijuana is demonized and frowned upon; people are still even being put in jail. With FlowerShop focusing on creating authentic relationships, they partnered with “The Last Prisoner Project,”.

A group that helps raise awareness for all negativity that is affecting minority communities that have been convicted of nonviolent marijuana crimes that shouldn’t be in jail. A meaningful movement and selfless act that people can support. 

While some other states are slowly coming to legalize, others embrace that cannabis is more than just a drug but a connector. Music and cannabis are simultaneously becoming one entity. While artists usually partake in the medicine for creative purposes, more are gaining a connection with it through their fan base.

An example of this is part owner G-Eazy, who is one of the most prominent artists globally. With him being able to use his voice, FlowerShop should exceed expectations.

Besides rhyming about products, G can also build with fans at dispensary locations. “The music will naturally have opportunities to talk about FlowerShop”; However, when I can go back to touring all over the world, I will leverage this and use my free time to go do events at dispensaries or to meet different partners. 

That personal experience with his fan base is valuable and shows there’s a familiarity. A connection and likeness of a product which will grow the FlowerShop community.

Retail Experience 

There’s much positivity about FlowerShop, but the most crucial aspect is the retail component. The initiative for FlowerShop is to control the retail experience by creating a space where you can feel all five senses in one place. A full circle experience for the customer when entering the dispensary. What does it smell like, the design color scheme of the shop, and what music is playing? FlowerShop wants to trigger positive senses before you receive the product.

Halo Collective Inc R E P E A T Halo Signs Definitive Agree
The Company plans to brand the first applicant, located in Hollywood, FlowerShop*, a cannabis lifestyle and conceptual wellness brand by Feel Better in which G-Eazy is a partner and key member (CNW Group/Halo Collective Inc.)

FlowerShop* and Halo Collective are working on three locations in Los Angeles, California, and the first dispensary will open by the end of 2021. In the meantime, the company will be doing pop-ups across local retailers they love and big chains, including Cookies, High Times, Barbary Coast, Harborside, and Sherbinskis — in addition to non-cannabis retailers like Bodega in LA and UNKWN in Miami.

The Flower 

fs pdp bouquetpack joy

The first three products that will be offered are our incense, candles, room spray, and essential oils. G-Eazy and one of his contacts in Japan developed a relationship to get a 100-plus-year-old incense manufacturer onboard in which they formulated their own fragrances. 

Other products include Juice drop edibles, candles, ashtrays, and lifestyle fashion products. Items will be available online, and in the Bay Area, delivery will be an option.

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