“It’s Christmas time in Hollis Queens
Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens”


One of many memorable songs, “Christmas in Hollis” was my introduction to Run DMC. Defined as the most influential hip hop groups in music, Run DMC helped shape the culture and became one of the top acts in the 1980’s. Responsible for breaking hip hop into mainstream music, their influence reached more than music, but also in fashion. 

Jam Master Jay 

In music, the DJ is the foundation of hip hop. Defining the sound of Run D.M.C, Jason William Mizell, known as Jam Master Jay was the DJ of the influential hip hop group. With his unique flair in fashion, Mizell pioneered the classic all-black hats and Adidas shell toes that became a synonym for the group. 

Born in Brooklyn, New York the multi-talented artist played bass, drums, and guitar before getting on the turntables. Mizell was known for his skills in re-working riffs. On Spin’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, he ranked 10th. 

Then at the young age of 13, he began to start DJing and quickly caught on to the skill set. From playing at parks to bars, Mizell grew confident and then started hosting parties around the community. His focus was just being a part of a band and in 1982 linked with Joseph “Run” Simmons and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels. 

 Touring the world and changing the face of music, Mizell’s impact was felt through the genre. His untimely death saddened the community and our culture, but his legacy would not be forgotten and would live on through his sons. 

Passing of the Torch 

As an intern at Adidas Entertainment and Marketing, I had the opportunity to assist with office visits. By helping pick out merchandise and shoes for artists, I was introduced to TJ Mizell, the oldest son of Jam Master Jay. 

TJ and Jesse Mizell Launch Cannabis Line JAM MASTER JAYS 4

Following his legendary father’s footsteps, TJ began DJing at a young age and was primarily self-taught. With that drive, he honed in on the skill set and refined his craft at the New York City DJ Scratch Academy. The DJ school was founded by his father, Jam Master Jay. 

In 2014, after remixing a couple of A$AP Mob pieces, he caught the attention of A$AP Ferg, which lead to his opportunity to become the DJ for his team. TJ has toured Europe and Australia. Collaborating with artist from MI.A to DJ Scratch and Run DMC. Garnishing his own sound of Trap and EDM, TJ formed the group Alexander Smash with producer and friend Seb Marmolejo in 2020. Gaining ground with over 260 streams, 2021 plans to be a big year for the new group. 

While building my relationship with TJ, I made an effort to go out my way to support any events he hosted in LA. On a mellow sunny day in April of 2017, after work, I attended Dopeland. An event that brought creatives together with skateboarding and music. There I met TJs, his brother Jesse Mizell. 

There’s no mistake, Jesse is the spitting image of his father, Jam Master Jay; from the fashion down to the hairstyles. You’re likely not to see Jesse much in front of the cameras, he does his damage behind the scenes. 


Graduating from Berkeley College with his Bachelor’s in Marketing, the young, energetic, creative, is on his grind focused on pushing the family’s brand and keeping his dad’s name alive in the Gen Z culture. 

Co-founding the group DopeRoots with his brother TJ, he’s created new merch, assisted on a future shoe collaboration with Adidas and has grown the brand outside of New York and brought it to LA. 

Attending an event in 2018, That’s Dope LA, the brothers handed me a couple of pre-rolls in a bottle. Then I knew, at that time TJ and Jesse’s idea was ahead of time.

New Cannabis Brand 

JAM MASTER JAYS, a 4 premium pack of Cannabis joints with 2 grams total. From my experience trying the product, there’s an enjoyable high. A Smooth inhale with no harsh hits. Unlike most pre-rolls that hit hard and burn unevenly. 


What’s sets JMJ’s apart from the competition is the creative packaging. Sold in a modified cassette tape holder, which gives you that mid-80’s b-boy vibe. Growing up a fan of music, I had a cassette player and was a collector. The cassette holder is reusable and definitely is a collector’s item. 

Jam Master Jays are sold exclusively. A fully licensed dispensary in Los Angeles called Maywood Cookies, and its next drop is a collaboration with Native Roots Cannabis Co in Colorado. 

TJ and Jesse are clearly ahead of the competition. With the legalization coming to New Jersey and next New York, I see their brand taking off in 2021.

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