A vape pen is an electronic device that is used to heat up substances like marijuana. If you’re someone who enjoys vaping, then you know that there is a lot of variety in the market when it comes to vape pens. There are many kinds of vape pen with different accessories. But this versatility also comes with a lot of confusion.  

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When you buy a new vape pen, you may have doubts about its features. Different vaping pens can have different battery lives, and this is one of the biggest confusions that users have. How long does it take to fully charge a vape battery? That mostly depends on the type of vape pen you are using, the kind of battery it has and the time duration for which you want to use it. Sometimes, charging your vape pen fully isn’t even necessary. 

To clear up such confusions, read through it to get a clear idea about charging your vape pen.

The first time you charge your vape battery

Charging your vape pen for the first time usually takes longer. Most vape pens when purchased are unused, and most commonly, they are only half-charged. But this does not necessarily mean that charging your vape pen would require half-time until it’s fully charged. An unused vape pen hasn’t experienced the drain of a vaporizer, which is why, the first charge usually takes a lot longer.

The size of your vape pen’s battery is an important factor that decides the time duration of its first charge. Some vape pens may get fully charged in merely thirty minutes, while some can take as long as four hours to reach their full capacity. To decide what kind of battery size you should buy, always remember that the larger the battery, the longer the charging time. 

Also, usually a battery charger is provided with new vape pens. Make sure you always use the provided charger only and do not substitute it for any other model. It can lead to a risk of your pen overheating.

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Daily charging of vape pens  

Daily charging can be quite unhealthy for your vape batteries. Many users often charge their devices daily to make sure that the battery never runs out. Avoid doing this as it can lead to overuse of your battery, which can severely affect the life expectancy of the battery. Make sure you don’t overcharge your battery because it will lead to your battery getting worn-out faster. On the other hand, don’t wait for your battery to completely drain before you charge it. Charging your batteries when they are half-full or half-empty puts less strain on them and is ideal.  

You must also consider the fact that different types of devices have different battery lives. Usually, the manufacturer puts instructions about usage on their site or provides you with a guide. Make sure to go through them.  

Can you charge while you are vaping? 

The answer to this question usually depends on the type of pen you use. Different pens have different designs. It is dangerous to charge some models while you are vaping. On the other hand, devices with ‘pass-through technology’ are made in such a way that they are safe to use while you are vaping. They are designed by e-cigarette makers who ensure that these devices don’t get heated and continue to work properly despite the heavy electric input.

Generally, it is not recommended for people to charge their devices while vaping. Even if there is pass-through technology, the battery can still be damaged by this.

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How do you know when your vape pen is fully charged?

While different vape devices have different designs, a common way to know that your vape pen is fully charged is to see the light that is blinking on it. Be patient for the green light to appear before disconnecting your charger. The green light will blink at you, indicating that your device is fully charged. It may also be stable. This depends on the kind of device you are using. 

Charging an 18650 mah battery 

This is a very common type of battery. The amount of time taken by a 18650 mah battery is usually indicative of its health. The amount of time a battery takes to charge should remain constant. If and when it starts to take longer, it means that you should consider replacing your battery. It takes about 4 hours to charge such a battery if you are using a separate charger. On the other hand, if you are using a USB charger, a 18650 mah battery will take about three hours to charge. 

After charging your battery completely and using it for a few days, you will get an idea about the amount of time needed to charge it. When your usage of the battery increases, it will start to take more time to charge. The lifespan of your battery is also determined by how you take care of it.

You should ideally switch off your battery when you are not using the vape to save your battery. Consistently taking your vape battery on and off the charger, can cause significant damage to it.

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