Jane Fonda, the star from Book Club and Youth, gave sponsored content a whole new outlook when she showed off her latest business venture via an Instagram video. The 82-year-old star announced her collaboration with Uncle Bud’s, a well-known CBD brand.

It seems as if Jane Fonda, who was an exercise guru in the 80’s and is currently known for her role as a climate change activist, is very excited about her new merger. Why else would she be dancing around in her beautiful living room while applying CBD products made by the LA based, CBD infused, personal hygiene company?

Fonda also recently announced that she was very excited about endorsing Uncle Bud’s because she has always believed personal wellness was incredibly important to her. For this reason, she had recently stumbled into the hemp-based personal care market and she was truly impressed. Other than the fact that she thought these products were more effective than chemical-based ones, the fact that these CPD products were cruelty-free and eco-friendly was also a huge motivator for her.

Fonda Making a Social Impact with CBD

On the other side of the coin, it was a brilliant decision for Uncle Bud’s to link up with Fonda since her Instagram has an impressive 1.2 million followers; alongside many more on other social media platforms.

Together, Fonda and Uncle Bud’s also share a common interest in giving back to charity and striving to make the industry cruelty-free. For this reason, Uncle Bud’s announced that their decision to join forces with the star was a very simple decision.

Garetty Greller, the CEO and co-founder of Uncle Bud’s said, “Her activism and values align with the company and there is no question that she is an icon of health and wellness both past and present. It was truly a no brainer and we can’t wait to share what’s in store.”

A CBD vision with aligned interest.

In an interview with WWD, the fashion-industry journal, Fonda explained that Uncle Bud’s reached out to her because they believed their interests were aligned. Initially, Fonda wasn’t so sure about their proposal but she went on ahead to test their products over the next few months.

According to her personal experiences, she thought the lip balm, aching muscle creams, skin creams and hand sanitizers were particularly effective. Additionally, she was also impressed by the fact that Uncle Bud’s was providing their hand sanitizers to homeless youth foundations in efforts to ‘flatten the curve’ during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, Fonda took to TikTok and Instagram to revive her retro workout by displaying some of those nostalgic 80’s moves. While she brings back classic fitness ventures, we’re sure we haven’t heard the last of her contemporary health-related endorsement.

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