Cannify Releases Quiz Widget For Cannabis-Based Websites

Cannify has recently released a new quiz widget for cannabis-based websites to embed in their site. Available through both a free and paid option, this widget lets the user take a quiz that then pairs them with the cannabis products they may try, based off of the information they entered. The quiz results are scientifically backed and specific to each user’s own answers.

Currently, Cannify also provides this quiz on their website. Now, through this latest widget, users can take this cannabis quiz on various other platforms.

This newly released widget allows users to learn which cannabis products are best suited for them. After taking the quiz, users can also learn which methods of administration they may be best inclined to use. Users input information such as age, weight, and reasons why they are seeking to consume cannabis. Through this short quiz, they can then learn what cannabis products may work best to help treat their specific needs.

Cannabis related websites seeking to embed this to their own site have two different theme options through the free version. This free version also links back to Cannify’s home page, which also features the quiz.

However, websites can work with Cannify to customize the overall widget’s theme through the paid version. This paid option also comes with periodic analyses from Cannify for business owners to learn vital data about their website’s audience and product placement.

For more information on this widget, head over to Cannify’s website.

About Cannify

Founded in 2016 by a neuropsychopharmacology scientist, Cannify was first created to analyze cannabis effects and then share these findings. Cannify’s goal is to help make studies on cannabis easy to understand for everyone through their unbiased reportings. Through these findings, they hope that readers can make their own, educated decisions about cannabis and marijuana side effects. While their main headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado, they also have team members located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

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