Museums can be a fun activity when you are high. I personally feel nothing can make you feel the emotions of the artist more than toking up a little before viewing their exhibit. I have spent countless afternoons wandering around an art museum will high taking in every piece. One of the things I struggle with is wanting to actually experience the art with all my senses. There is finally a stoner-friendly museum just for this.

Immersive Cannabis Art Museum

A museum called Cannabition has opened in Las Vegas, that’s right a place known for heavy drinking and all around debauchery has just gotten a little more stoner friendly. This is the world first fully immersive cannabis museum. Cannabition takes you through the last 20 years of pot culture in a fully experiential fashion.

The museum has everything that would make a weed museum as fun as possible. It has a Pax sponsored tree swing, a Raw rolling papers kaleidoscope, even a 24-foot bong named bongzilla. They even have a 420 lounge room for when you need a break from all the lights and sounds of Las Vegas.  Now, this museum is not just for fun though you will also learn about the weed harvesting process and what marijuana is best for different occasions. All these things make this museum a must see for any marijuana enthusiast visiting Las Vegas.

No Tokin Up Inside, Yet!

Obviously, I know you are wondering if you can spark up in this museum. Cannabitions website does state that Las Vegas has rules against smoking in public venues making them not able to let visitors smoke in the museum. There is a workaround for this though because obviously, no stoner wants to go to a weed museum and not be high. Weed is legal in Nevada so you can easily find a place to spark up and get plenty baked before going to the museum. Their website does state that it only takes about an hour to go through the whole museum so your high should easily last you the whole time.

Now you have another excuse to take a trip to Las Vegas to go experience the world’s first immersive cannabis museum. I for one can’t wait for my first trip to Las Vegas, Cannabition has just been added to the list. If you’re in Las Vegas right now click below to be directed to purchase tickets on Cannabition official website.

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