Networking in the Cannabis Industry

LeafList has recently released a new mobile app for users to professionally network within the cannabis industry. Understanding how difficult it is to connect with others in the legal cannabis world, LeafList has created an app to help instill trust, transparency, and business connections.

This new mobile app promotes a lot that those in the cannabis industry can seamlessly use to their advantage. For one, there is an events section, where users can see what events are going on near them. They can track and attend these events, as well as give feedback once the event is over.

Gain industry insight

Feedback (in the form of socialization and ratings) seem to be a big factor in the LeafList app. Fighting to keep things transparent and (overall) professional, the app allows users to rate companies, events, and individuals, all of which then can affect their reputation score. Through this method, those in the cannabis industry can easily decipher who lines up with their business goals, and who doesn’t.

Users can also participate in surveys across the platform. These surveys (another form of feedback) can help businesses learn about what those in the industry want to see, how users feel about certain topics, as well as what these users prefer.

The new LeafList app also has a news section full of cannabis-related stories, as well as any company announcements. Users can interact with the latest news by reacting to the stories posted.

Join The Cannabis Network

Overall, the LeafList mobile app is one of the first steps in creating a transparent and safe way for those working in the legal cannabis industry to interact. With this app, professionals in the same industry can easily connect and network. This is also a great place to learn about new companies and brands in the industry.

The LeafList app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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