Denver, Colorado – May 19th, 2020 – Cannify ( just made an important step in revolutionizing patients’ approach to cannabis science by introducing a new feature – the Cannify account. This account enables users to save personalized cannabis science reports and product matches, and track their results over time. 

“Great science needs to be seen and, more importantly, understood by patients,” said Linda Klumpers, Ph.D., founder of Cannify. “The Cannify Account is a big step in a new infrastructure that allows anyone interested in cannabis to be connected to customized science and product overviews. Finding reliable cannabis science information is challenging for both patients and healthcare providers. We are here to help.” 

With a Cannify Account, users have access to all Cannify Quizzes, both educational and personal, of which the latter generate personalized cannabis reports and product overviews. Soon, the developing Cannify Account feature will get major additions that will make the lives of cannabis users and patients easier. The account is free and can be deleted at any time. To register, follow this link:

About Cannify  

Cannify is a cannabis-focused research and education organization, aimed at bringing relevant cannabis science closer to the users and vice versa by translating the complex science into an easy-to-understand language. Founded by one of the few cannabinoid clinical pharmacologists in the world, Dr. Linda Klumpers, Cannify publishes their data analyses for advancing scientific research on cannabis. 

Apart from the Cannify Quiz that generates a personalized cannabis report, Cannify also comprises Education pages that are expanded regularly, a series of educational cannabis quizzes that is updated weekly, and customized cannabis courses

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