With so many online marijuana stores around nowadays, it may feel difficult to find a store to sink your teeth into. We all want a place we go back to, time and time again, to purchase from. It’s just easier. Luckily, a few companies have managed to break through the fold, working their way up through the ranks and becoming a reliable online store.

TokerSupply.com happens to be one of those websites. An online store that specializes in smoking accessories such as bongs, vaporizers and toking products, Toker Supply is the place to go for those looking for more high-quality products to add to their collection. The company’s goal is to provide smokers with the best marijuana products, but at a low price.

Through their website, Toker Supply offers everything from free shipping on certain orders to live chat support for their customers. But high-quality products at a low price isn’t the only thing that this company excels in. With a blog on their website, as well as social media accounts that are currently thriving, Toker Supply offers a peek at a lifestyle that other marijuana smokers love.

But we’ll get into that more a little later. In this article feature, we’re going to break down all that Toker Supply offers for both customers (either current or future), as well as casual observers. Through their overall online presence, this company has made an impact in the smoker world.

Toker Supply: Their Website

First off, if we’re going to accurately analyze Toker Supply, we need to look at their actual website. Thankfully, the website is easy to use and is overall pretty user-friendly. Upon first landing on their home page, one can find their most popular products, as well as a general overview of the smoking accessories and products that they offer.

For those who are more than a little interested in what they have to offer, potential customers can create an account on their website for easier access and checkout. You can also sign up for their newsletter, which promises exclusive (and firsthand) access to special promotions and deals. Signing up for both of these opportunities is incredibly easy (which never hurts).

Toker Supply also has a blog section on their main online store where they post articles like “Dabbing On A Budget” or “A Smoker’s Improvisation Guide“. While not necessarily as big as other blogging sites can be, the articles found here are actually full of content that only helps to influence their brand. You won’t find any fluff articles here.

Bongs, Pipes, Vapes – The Must Haves

Onto the products! As you probably have guessed, Toker Supply offers a slew of smoker related accessories and products. For the most part, it appears their most popular products are either bongs, pipes, dab rigs or vapes. However, the online store offers so much more.

From dab rings to herb grinders, Toker Supply really does appear to be a one stop shop for those looking to stock up on marijuana accessories. Plus, the store doesn’t just offer one type of one product. For example, they have a slew of different kinds of pipes, from glass pipes to silicone pipes and everything in between.

TokerSupply Where To Find The Best Bongs 4
the fat honey quad honeycomb perc water pipe
TokerSupply Where To Find The Best Bongs 5

Possibly the best part of the online store, however, has to do with the shipping and packaging. Toker Supply is known for their discreet free shipping (they don’t put their label or logo on the shipping box). Plus, you can also get email tracking updates so you know where your package is at all times.

Of course, though it may go without saying, you need to be 21 years of age or older to both browse and order off of the website.

Social Media For Tokers

Toker Supply has managed to increase their brand awareness, as well as efficiently (and consistently) keep their company’s overall aesthetic and message intact through their social media platforms. On Instagram (to which they boast 246k followers), one can find pictures of their products strewn throughout the account.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have fun. Throughout promoting their own content, they also make sure to create videos from popular pop culture moments that only help increase their presence. In the past, they’ve edited a video from the 2015 film Ted 2 to help connect with their smoker community in a relaxed, yet funny way.

Their Twitter account (which has 70.7k followers) is much of the same thing, though with different content. With fun videos and high-quality pictures of their most recent products, their Twitter offers a different view of their company than their Instagram does. However, both accounts manage to stay on track with the same theme.



Toker Supply: What Do the People Think?

While Toker Supply has their bases all covered, none of this would matter if their past customers had complaints. Fortunately for the company, this doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, it’s pretty hard to find any bad reviews about the website from any past customers.

Most importantly, the products seem to truly be as high-quality as Toker Supply says they are. They have a review section on their website where customers can rate the products they buy. For the most part, the many different products the company sells have incredibly satisfactory reviews.

With this said, it appears that the online website truly does offer the effective marijuana products that they strive to.

The Common Consensus

While an efficient online store that offers many unique (and high-quality) marijuana products and accessories, Toker Supply also has created an overall brand for themselves. Through their social media presence and website, they have managed to show that they aren’t simply another marijuana website. They’re an efficient, unique website that’s able to create original (and interesting!) content.

With their social media and blogging platforms, they’ve perfected their consistent messaging. They’ve also managed to bring some fun enthusiasm. This, in turn, only continues to connect them with potential customers.

Whether you’re simply searching for a new bong or a fun browse, check out Toker Supply. Chances are, you might just find what you’re looking for.


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