Monthly GiveAway

Monthly Give Away

Each month we will give away a product, prize, or service to eligible participants. With multiple prizes each month there are many ways to win. 

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Market You Brand

New giveaway every month.

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Multiple Winners

Share to earn more entries

The more you share and visit the more entries you receive. 

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Cannabis Sweepstakes. 


There is no cost associated with the raffel. 

At this time there is no cost. However we do expect a trade in services or cross promotion. 

General Questions

We use a sweepstake software that  determines the winner based on the amount of entries. 

You can find our sweepstakes rules here. 

Share your product

Gorilla Marketing?

We currently accept CBD brands, cannabis accessories, and other cannabis-related products such as event tickets. We do not and will not raffle off any product that contain THC.

How It Works

Get in touch with us and we will determine if your product is eligible for the raffle. 

Cross promotion

We are open to unique cross promotions opportunities using our platform.