It’s not unusual for the average athlete or gymnast to treat their muscle inflammation with medicinal cannabis and other ailments as well. Sure, it may come across as a questionable novelty method, but using it as a supplement during exercise can be greatly beneficial, as it offers healing properties during a much-needed recovery period.

It’s absolutely baffling how this alternative way of treating muscle pain is stigmatized and shunned. We will break down some facts about CBD and its healing properties, and we’ll save the politics for later.

What Is CBD?

What is CBD? It’s one of the high-concentrated substances of the many known cannabinoids which boast medicinal properties and other therapeutic applications which can greatly benefit our well-being.

Amusingly enough, CBD and THC are the most irresistible of the 85 known cannabinoids and are also the most widely studied. One of the differences between THC and CBD is that THC is psychoactive and gives off the almighty “high” everyone’s talking about, and CBD is not and its use is far more important.

By using sophisticated technology CBD is extracted and produced to utmost quality and concentration, and there are still ways of perfecting the technology to near-flawless results.

CBD is of course greatly beneficial to everyone who is legitimized and authorized for the medicinal treatment, including children and the elderly. One should consult with their doctor and local dispensary.

Athletes and yoga practitioners are not excluded, and the therapeutic properties of CBD is ideal for any intense workout routines. The exhaustion, nausea, pain, and discomfort is no laughing matter after a thorough training session and it varies among people, some are impacted more than others.

Using CBD To Releave Pain

To mitigate the positive damages of extreme workouts, a mindful athlete will use the health benefits of cannabis, a natural plant. It may be the ultimate cure for recovery and absolutely beneficial addition to an athlete’s post-workout.

There are many professional athletes that use cananbinoid’s health benefits for their workouts and cite CBD products as a huge factor in their success, despite the social backlash with wrongful accusations of doping, further strengthening the fact that the public should be educated in the differences between THC and CBD.

It’s an analgesic. What more could a gym-freak ask for? Alleviating pain and discomfort, reducing inflammation, promoting a well-deserved sleep and muscle growth, relaxing your muscle and tendon, calming every nerve after an intense bout of judo, these are just examples of the many health pros CBD offers.

There are many CBD products and methods of intake vary, and one should always seek to consult their doctor and dispensary tender before purchasing any of the various cures.

As for high-impact sportsmen and extreme gym freaks, CBD products like oils, ointments, and creams may be their best bet in battling sheer agony from a post-workout regimen. These types of athletes are prone to nasty adverse reactions via post-workout and there’s no better way than going full CBD treatment against pesky spasms and cramps, inflammations, and other negative effects.

At the same time, CBD greatly stimulates appetite and promotes healthy eating regimens athletes require so much. By increasing the important hormones, leptin and grelin, CBD ensures that athletes fight the loss of appetite between workouts and this does not cause any negative effect on other hormones which regulate the sense of hunger and does no damage to insulin levels. It also relaxes your entire body and mind and further replenishes the energy after every much-needed post workout nap.

THC and CBD Infused?

Then there’s the question of “Indica or Sativa?” that bothers our baffled athletes so much. If you decide to use CBD products for your post-workout pains and recovery, you should always aim for relaxing and anti-inflammatory types.

Every strain promotes physical and mental recovery, and we should say it again: Consult your doctor and dispensary! It is not always the same for every strain, product, and intake method, but generally speaking, Indica is almost always the one’s that used for pain relief and relaxation.

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