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Oregon Harvested One Million Pounds of Marijuana in 2018

Although one million in harvest may sound appealing, not everyone is necessarily excited  to hear the news. Adam Smith, a Craft Cannabis Alliance executive director stated “Everyone is concerned about this, You’ll see people going out of business in the spring when it’s planting time. There are far too many in the industry in distress. No one is making money here.”

The idea of having a never-ending supply of weed sounds pretty good to me. It seems that having an oversupply of the prescious miracle marijuana plant is bad for business.  Cannabis industry professionals look for ways to move the product, As they gear towards their third straight year of harvesting over one million pounds of Maryjane.

A marijuana plant at a commercial grow on May 24, 2018, in Springfield, Ore. Don Ryan/Associated Press files SALEM, Ore — For the second year in a row, Oregon cannabis farmers have harvested more than a million pounds of usable marijuana. The huge harvest (more than 453,592 kilograms) is […]

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Daron Robinson

Daron Robinson is an entrepreneur based in Las Vegas, Nevada.cHe has a special focus on the cannabis industry, with experience in web development and marketing. Throughout the span of his career, Daron also had the opportunity to work in the hotel industry for over a decade, including joining widely recognized chains such as Caesars Entertainment, and Wynn Resorts. As a compassionate, young and driven entrepreneur, Daron started various brands in the cannabis industry, and his plan is to merge them, and grow them to new heights, taking advantage of his networking skills and all the partnerships he’s building.

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