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2019 is going to be a huge year for cannabis reform. ‘Ten states have given clearance to the concept of recreational marijuana, while more than 30 of them have put medical marijuana laws on the books. Some of those ten states include New York, Illinois, and New Jersey.

Coincidently, one of the 30 states thinking about implementing some medical marijuana program is my home state Tennessee! As these states begin to legalize, more jobs are being made to operate and run these businesses such as dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and extraction labs.

To put your cannabis resume ahead of others, I would suggest you invest in cannabis industry job training courses. There are some world renowned cannabis education training companies like Oaksterdam University. However, if you are in the Las Vegas area, the courses I would recommend are taught by TRIM READY: Cannabis Job Training.

TRIM READY is a company offering cannabis industry certification courses for people interested in working in the state of Nevada. The courses include ‘Dispensary Staff, Commercial Cultivation, and Manufactured Marijuana Products: Edibles and Extracts’.

Each class runs for about 2-3 hours giving details on each job specified by the designated facility. The instructors also outlined how the facility you are employed in should generally run and their day to day operations. I took all 3 courses and became certified in all 3.

I have a better chance of getting a job in the cannabis industry because I invested in these courses. It sets my cannabis resume apart from others because I meet the qualifications of the job, and I’m officially certified in that job which is a huge plus to employers.

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My experience taking these courses and becoming certified was so fulfilling. I learned so much and the classes expanded my small knowledge of cannabis and the industry. I truly enjoyed myself, and I want to share my experience.

Dispensary Staff Certification Course

The instructor for this course was Kurt. He is currently a Manager at Top Notch Dispensary and has worked in high ranking positions, for a number of years, in the cannabis industry. It was needless to say that our instructor knew what he was talking about.

We were learning from some of the best in the Nevada cannabis industry. He said that the point of the course is to explain all positions and their job descriptions, day to day operations, product knowledge expectations, and patient care education for a storefront dispensary.

Just from a recreational patient’s viewpoint, the main positions in a dispensary that a person comes into contact with are the Receptionist, Budtender, Managers, and Security occasionally.

Behind the scene offers other important jobs like Inventory Agent, Financial Controller, and Consulting Physician or Nurse to name a few. Have you ever heard of the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child?’ Well, it takes a whole team to run a dispensary, and they are looking for qualified people to fill these positions.

The course covered everything, but the two main things I took away were learning about terpenes, cannabinoids, and our cannabinoid system. In layman’s terms, I enjoyed learning about the chemistry behind cannabis.

The second thing I took away was the different ways to consume cannabis including categories under inhalation and ingestion, and which cannabis products go under each category.

I thought those were the most important things I learned in that specific course because as a recreational patient, there is nothing more frustrating than a dispensary employee who doesn’t know the substance behind what they’re selling.

Product knowledge is vital because it helps you give better service to patients, recreational and medical. Overall this course was beneficial, and I appreciate the work the instructor put in to have visual examples and displays for students to pass around while the lecture was going on. Great course!

Commercial Cultivation Certification Course

My first experience in the cannabis industry is as a recreational patient who purchases from a dispensary. What I knew about cultivation before this course did not exceed the labels of the various strains I have bought stating the different ‘brands.’ Remedy, Cannabiotix, Green Life Productions, and many more are considered to be cultivators. They are companies who own facilities dedicated to growing, harvesting, trimming, and manicuring various cannabis plant strains.

The course went into how the facility is run, the infrastructure of the building, departmentally and architecturally, and the process of how cannabis goes from seed to sale. This course was taught by another well-experienced cannabis industry veteran, Tony. He has been a cultivator for 20 years and is considered to be a ‘Master Grower.’

He is also an expert on extracts. You can tell he enjoyed teaching this subject and that’s something that makes the course more engaging for students. He discussed the step by step process of growing cannabis indoors using hydroponics.

The two things I took away from this course were the step by step guide on how to grow your own cannabis at home. Our instructor gave us pointers and tips on how to grow in the comforts of your own home. As a ‘Nevada recreational patient over 21, I have the right to grow six cannabis plants at home’ (Nevada Law).

This can save you money while also constantly providing potent flower for personal consumption. The second thing I took away from the course was the extra resources suggested for people who were really serious about cannabis cultivation.

Our instructor suggested the book Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes and some other outside resources for people who want to further their career in cultivation. As informing as the lecture was, the absolute best part of the course was at the end with the hands-on experience.

We got to actually trim and manicure a harvested CBD cannabis plant! We put on our latex gloves, got our clippers, and shaped up the flower nugs that would eventually be weighed, packaged, and sold to someone.

We had help from our instructor and an assistant who currently works for Cannabiotix as a trimmer. What was awesome was that she had taken the TRIM READY ‘Commercial Cultivation Course’ and then received her job soon after.

A trick to getting nicely trimmed cannabis is to picture something that you, a consumer, would want to buy for yourself. How would you want your cannabis to look? And then do your job accordingly. Just that part of the course alone made it so much more worth it.

A bonus was that a few representatives from a cultivation workforce visited at the end of the class and promoted that they’re currently hiring. Not even before the course ended, I was presented with job opportunities in cultivation. Need I say more?

Manufactured Marijuana Products: Edibles and Extracts Certification Course

Infused products now represent over 65% of the overall Marijuana market, That means only 35% of cannabis revenue comes from flower purchases. This last course explains how raw flower material becomes an infused product; i.e. edibles, oils for cartridges/applicators, and freelance concentrates such as rosin, bubble hash, and etc. This course was taught by our first instructor Kurt.

However, the course was held at the TRIM READY Kitchen which is a store selling THC and CBD infused products, and not at the main location where they hold the other courses. The setting of the course was perfect and really set a professional and visual tone for it.

The two most important things I learned were the difference between solvent-based and solventless extraction methods, and how some edibles can be placed into specific categories of Indica or Sativa. Depending on the desired outcome is which extraction process you will use.

For edibles, where you don’t want a lot or any terpenes, you want to use a solventless extraction method while for cartridges, where you want to keep the terpenes, you want to use a solvent-based extraction method so you can reintroduce those terpenes back to create that strain.

I believe brownies are the edible that people experience first because it was the easiest to make and anybody could make them. However, almost anything can be turned into a THC or CBD infused product for consumption. After the lecture an Edible Chef who works at TRIM READY Kitchen showed us how to make chocolate and white chocolate covered strawberries and bananas that were infused.

She went through the whole process of melting the chocolates and properly adding THC or CBD oil to both. Each student got to dip the fruit into the infused chocolates which was an awesome hands on experience and very festive activity in lieu of Valentine’s Day. That was such a treat, pun intended!

Review of Certification Courses

In conclusion, my overall experience with the TRIM READY: Cannabis Job Training courses was phenomenal! I learned a lot of information from each course and in many instances got to experience hands on training.

I would recommend these courses to anybody in the Las Vegas area who wants to be in the cannabis industry. It’s an excellent way to gain knowledge and learn about the requirements of each position, department, or facility that you want to be employed at.

The courses are reasonably priced at $99 each, and you have the option of taking whichever courses you’d liked. I am glad I got certified in all 3 courses because it opens up my choices for jobs, and it helps me start working towards my own business.

I want to dab my hand in all aspects of the industry so i can have many business niches in TN when they legalize. Definitely a great opportunity that was presented to me. I encourage people who want to become a part of the growing cannabis industry in Nevada to take the TRIM READY courses, or if you’re not in Las Vegas, find another company that can offer that training and education.

I want to personally thank the TRIM READY course instructors, Kurt and Tony. I also want to thank Linda who is also on the TRIM READY team checking students in and is over student registration. She also holds many high ranking positions in the cannabis industry.

Finally, I want to thank the assistants that participated in the cultivation course and edibles and extracts course. They were awesome and very helpful. Thank you for providing TRIM READY as a resource to potential cannabis industry employees and business owners.



I'm a graduate of MT with Bachelor's of Science Degree in Chemistry and a minor in Anthropology. I'm combing my love of cannabis with my degree to inform people of the many benefits of cannabis. Healthy discussions on cannabis reform fuel my fire, so let's talk about it!