Modern Slavery Act

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is designed to combat modern slavery in the UK and consolidates previous offences relating to trafficking and slavery.

What is the scale of modern slavery?

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), there are approximately 21 million people around the world who are trapped in some form of forced labour. This includes all forms of modern slavery, including trafficking, debt bondage and child labour. In the UK alone , there is an estimated 13,000 people are working as slaves in agriculture, hospitality,  private homes, fishing, brothels, and cannabis farms.

How can businesses become compliant?

Under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, organizations conducting business in the United Kingdom with worldwide revenues of at least £36 million are required to publish a transparency statement describing the steps they have taken in the last financial year to ensure their business and supply chains are free from modern slavery and human trafficking.

Why is Maryjane’s Post particpating in this?

Simply put, even though we are not based in the United kingdom nor do we currently have revenues of 36 Million or more. We feel that the movement is of high importance on a global scale. Maryjane’s Post also has aspiration of becoming a global cannabis news source which call us at that time to become compliant. We’re getting a head start. 

Where are your annual reports?

We are currently working on these for the year 2020.