Getting together with your buddies and passing around the weed is perhaps one of the most exciting ways to pass the time and have fun. Not only does it promote binding, but it also stimulates the conversations as well as make everything better; whether it is music, food, or movies and much more.
Nonetheless, besides just hanging around aimlessly after having hit a joint, what are some of the activities that you can engage in while high? To help you out, herein is a list of some exciting and fun-filled ideas of things to do while stoned:

1. Have a deep conversation

Ever had an in-depth conversation when high? This is perhaps one of the most exciting activities you can get involved in-although you would, of course, need to have buddies you can do it with. You know those friends who you can relax and ponder the many wonders of the world and the meaning of life? Try it out!

2. Meditate

When you are stoned, it is very easy to close your eyes and subsequently drift away. Undeniably, this can be a remarkable activity but provide you know how to do it properly. While mediation is associated with various benefits such as lowering stress and relieving anxiety, it can also get pretty boring-Although not when you are stoned.

Get a little high, relax, and close your eyes. Allow yourself to get deep into your thoughts and let them flow one by one. Relax and let go of any bit of tension, stress, attachment, and judgment. Ultimately, you will get to that tranquil, silent awareness moment-Which is precisely how it should be.

3. Have sex

Sex is great! But what you didn’t know is that doing it while high is by far the most sensual experience ever. While you can lose yourself deep in the heat, throes of passion, friction, heat, and of course pleasure and have a great time whether you are high or not, being high makes the experience pretty much like a Holy Communion.

Being high heightens every little detail and feeling with each lick, kiss, nibble, thrust, squeeze, and even grind sanctified, intensified, and electrified. What’s more, beyond just the hypersensitivity and buzzing nerve endings, you will delight in the sensation that comes at that BIG, MAGICAL MOMENT.

Being high intensifies your orgasms giving you a heightened and powerful explosion of pleasure it almost feels painful. Can it get any better than that?

4. Art Work

There is perhaps nothing that compares to getting high and subsequently getting creative. Weed and creativity can best be defined as what steroids are to exercising-the ideal boost! Right after hitting that joint, take out your brushes and paints and get busy with it. Alternatively, you can also pick out some crayons and color, or get going with some doodles or sketches.

If visual art isn’t your thing, you can also work on some creative writing. Pick a notebook and a pencil and begin scribbling-journaling, poetry, entertaining tales, whatever hits your mind! The rule however with this is to entirely do away with perfection and just have fun with what you are doing.

5. Salt Water Floating tanks

Saltwater floating tanks are fast becoming the �IT’ thing in wellness trends. They are considered a therapeutic approach to mitigating chronic stress and these tanks are purposely structures to calm down the mind while subsequently clasping the body deep in warm, salt-saturated water, and with weed, it can never get any better!

Being high augments both the experience as well as its alleged benefits. In your state of limbo, your mind wanders away and allows your mind to relax which is the distinct purpose of this experience in the first place. Getting high makes it just but a delight. You should try it out.

6. Watch a movie

You know how weed can help you lose your soul deep into music? It gets pretty much the same with movies also. In fact, it gets you so engrossed in it that you literally forget where it is that you are who you are, as you are just carried away entirely by the characters, the story, the drama…

Being high goes beyond just the typical laughter. It is an opportunity to delve deeper and discover the more experimental and creative side of filmmaking. It presents you with the chance not only to be moved but also to expand your mind and perhaps have it wholly blown apart.

7. Take a Walk Outside

This is probably as simple as it can get. Get high, take a stroll outside, and marvel at the outdoors. Not only does this present you with the chance to notice and subsequently appreciate both the immensity and beauty of the world, but it also allows you to take time and capture every little detail you would usually pass by and not even notice. It helps to get your mind off the typical rut it usually is entangled in and help you have a broader perspective of life.

Tour the park or take a hike or just disappear from the city life and surround yourself with nature in its sincerest form.

8. Listen to Music in the Dark

Of course, it had to be part of the list! This is perhaps the number one way of spending your high time’. Getting high and listening to obscenely loud music, alone and in the dark is nothing short of a divine experience.

Every vibration of the bass is magnified, and you can literally feel every single detail of how the song is unfolding in your ears. This is an experience that can see you get lost deep in the vivid and lush inner dimensions. We would not be surprised if it moved you to tears or shear laughter as the music flows and ebbs unveiling dipper hidden layers and meanings.

It is a divine experience.

9. Go Swimming

Get stoned and get swimming either at a water park, the beach, or in a swimming pool. While this is usually an exhilarating experience, being high turns it into a sensual delight. That feel of the cool water on your skin, or the sensation of being weightless, and floating is just but phenomenal.
What’s more, it is a fantastic workout and is as such healthy for you.

10. Exercise

Finally, working never gets any better than when you are high. It is just but fantastic. Whether it is jogging, yoga, bike riding or whatever activity you are engaging in, it feels incredible to move and be active.

By being high, you are more accustomed to your body. It makes you super attuned to your heartbeat, your breathing, as well as the burn within your muscles. That rush that a workout inspires can complete your high leaving you feeling �brand new’.

Note: refrain from pushing yourself too hard as it can result in a head rush that might be detrimental in severe cases. Moreover, always remain hydrated.

Summing It All Up

Finally, just like all other social activities, getting high should also follow a distinct code of conduct to ensure you optimally delight in your smoking session. One of the few ways you can do so is exercise caution while doing it, avoid smoking and getting behind a wheel, and most importantly be responsible when consuming medicated drugs.

Well, if you didn’t know, now you know. These are the top 10 things to do when stoned. What’s your favorite? Would you like to add more? Keep yourself in the hoop and learn some much more great stuff by subscribing for more updates at Cannabis Room.
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