Top 3 Cannabis friendly accommodations for visitors to Jamaica

It is hard not to think of marijuana when you think of Jamaica, what with Reggae legend Bob Marley as one of the most iconic faces of the country. As cannabis laws around the world loosen,  cannabis tourism is taking off.

It has welcomed benefits to countries like Jamaica where tourism is one of the strongest revenue generators. Now you can visit your favorite Caribbean destination and indulge in some of the best weed the island has to offer. Here are some of the most marijuana-friendly accommodations you can find in Jamaica to have a good time.

The Calabash House Guest House & Cottages

If you want to escape to one of the most eco-friendly and untouched beauties in the world, then you want to stay in Treasure Beach Jamaica. Nestled there is the whimsical Calabash House Guest House & Cottages, which offers the opportunity to experience so much of what the country has to offer, including its amazing white sand beaches, and of course great marijuana. Stay at the Calabash and book your trip to nearby weed farms.

You can enjoy your marijuana joints anywhere on the outside of the property including the yard, gardens, and beach. While you cannot smoke in the guestrooms and main house, you are allowed to smoke in the cottages and on their private porches. The Guest House provides marijuana, rolling paper and a grinder covered by your fee.

Little Bay Cabins

If you want to stay just minutes away from where the great Bob Marley lived, while doing what he probably liked to do the most (smoke weed) then you want to stay at Little Bay Cabins on your next trip to the island. Little Bay Cabins is totally cannabis friendly and has access to quality weed cultivated in the Westmoreland hills. They have a 4:20 package that is for only $50 and you get as much weed as you want (or can handle) for the entire day.

You can hang out on the property or take the 10-minute stroll to Marley’s home and have a spliff on his meditation rock. His famous home has been featured in Rolling Stones. While the larger weed farms are usually closed to visitors and the general public, there are Rastas who often arrange tours to the smaller weed farms. Growers from the Westmoreland Growers’ Association sometimes stop by to bring samples of their weed and share the history of growing the plant on the island.

Hotbox Jamaica Bud & Breakfast

Operated by the operators of the original Hotbox, a Canadian cannabis lounge, Hotbox Jamaica is a favorite spot for marijuana-loving tourists to stay and unwind. With a relaxing ambiance that is sure to make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine, Hotbox Jamaica aims to be high on your places of “must visit places in Jamaica”. Enjoy amenities such as:

  • A private beach
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Air conditioning & hot water
  • Free wifi
  • Beautiful property with a well-groomed landscape
  • Island tours to make your stay fun and memorable

Hotbox provides a comprehensive list of activities to suit any personality. If you are more the lay-back kind of person, why not hang out their beach and catch a tan or if you are more the adventurous kind, go on one of their tours, they include tours to Reggae legend Bob Marley’s birth and final resting place, Nile Miles.

Jamaica is the ideal place for a stoner. Be sure to check out these three places on your next visit.

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