Cannabis used to be a taboo topic, with much debate surrounding its legalization and decriminalization. However, in recent times, it has proven to be a much more bipartisan topic.

Around sixteen states have decriminalized marijuana, whereas fourteen have legalized its consumption.

In just 2020, four states passed laws to legalize cannabis use. Globally, there is growing acceptance and adoption of marijuana as well. This is because of the substance’s many benefits. Marijuana is known to help patients with depression and anxiety, while also managing physical pain. Here are some bills that were passed in 2020 in favor of cannabis:

Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019

This bill came into effect in September 2020, essentially legalizing marijuana. Additionally, it also states that the marijuana market should be analyzed and regulated. This measure includes marijuana as part of the US market of goods and services.

This law also imposes a five percent tax on all marijuana-related transactions. Further, it re-assesses the verdict and sentence of all those convicted or charged for the illegal possession and consumption of marijuana.


This bill was introduced in 2019 but was approved in 2020; it legalizes up to one ounce of marijuana for all who are 21 and above. All those convicted of any illegalities regarding marijuana will be re-assessed and issued a new verdict.

New Jersey Public Question 1, Marijuana Legalization Amendment (2020)

This amendment aims to legalize the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. It also deems it permissible to cultivate marijuana at home and further to engage in selling it.

The government of New Jersey legalized marijuana in 2017, but with this act, a 2 percent sales tax is now imposed on all sales of cannabis.


Other states that have passed bills legalizing marijuana in 2020 or added amendments to similar acts include Arizona, South Dakota, Mississippi, Nebraska, and a particular Colombia district.

These trends reveal a deeper insight into the gradual transition of a favorable policy regarding marijuana and changing opinions and mindsets, all for the better.

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