Cannabis has always been a touchy topic in any discussion, whether it be a political debate or a simple discussion with your family at the dinner table. While many citizens consider weed to be a harmful drug just like heroin or cocaine, new marijuana laws being introduced in the US and all around the world show a shift in legislators’ attitudes towards the plant.

Marijuana Laws in America

Marijuana Laws in America As of 2018, federal laws are very biased against cannabis usage. It is classified as Schedule I, meaning that it is considered to have high danger potential and has no beneficial use.

This legislation was brought about in 1970 under the Controlled-Substances Act. However, at the state level, many state governments have either wholesomely decriminalized marijuana or largely allowed it for medical usage.

Currently, only ten states allow recreational use of weed, but under heavily restricted conditions which can sometimes contradict federal laws.

How Are These Laws Changing?

In the year 2010, we saw more promising prospects for more relaxed cannabis laws, at least on the state level. A recent push by legislators from both parties helped create a sweep for states legalizing the plant’s use for medical purposes, and Vermont is on its way to full recreational allowance soon.

Senators in Congress are now writing letters expressing support and will to back laws that would remove marijuana as a Schedule I substance. This means state and federal regulations would not contradict each other.

In fact, even conservative politicians that are traditionally hard-liners against drug legalizations have opened up to marijuana. President Trump stands down on aggressively enforcing federal laws and seems poised to allow a federal decriminalization.

Shifting Attitudes to Marijuana

Shifting Attitudes to Marijuana It is certain that the citizens’ shifting attitudes ultimately led to more lax laws. An early 2018 poll by Pew Research-Center found that over 69% of Americans believe in legal weed, up from the 41% mark by the Huffington Post just a decade ago.

Even a slim majority of Republicans support change, which is an amazing achievement in the era of political polarity.The increased media exposure of marijuana and openness of users may have helped improve perceptions of weed.

Data regarding the shift in attitude is remarkably similar to same-sex marriage ideals in America, with almost exponential growth in support before finally being legalized.

Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

Benefits of Marijuana Legalization Legalizing marijuana isn’t just for the comfort of recreational users. Stopping the active war on weed is hugely beneficial for communities and the country as a whole.

Over 25% of all arrests in all of America were based on simple marijuana possession, even if it was a small bag of a gram or two. The penalties for these offenses were huge amounts of cash or mandatory incarceration.

The government, in turn, spends billions to maintain prisons full of marijuana users and tracking down illegal cannabis sales. These funds can be directed to other legitimately serious issues such as hard drug addiction and trafficking.

Lastly, it simply isn’t safe. Legalizing the plant completely nullifies the need for users to turn to dangerous drug dealers and cocktails to get their weed, and therefore makes it safer to use (no matter how safe it already is).

The quick succession and rise of legal dispensaries throughout the states has opened up enormous opportunities for investors and business owners alike.In fact, investing in weed stocks in 2014 would lead you to over a 2000% return, proving that marijuana is a truly thriving and booming industry that will continue to be economically successful.

Conclusion In conclusion, it is clear that marijuana has no need to be a big scary unknown. Though this article provides a good background on the trends of weed, make sure to subscribe to Mary Janes Post, an emerging blog dedicated to people interested in weed just like you.

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