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MaryJane’s Post has been ranked in Feedspot’s Top 100 Marijuana blogs list of Oct. 2019, alongside eminent brands like High Times and Canna Law.

Las Vegas, October 4th, 2019…Feedspot has unveiled their list chronicling the best Marijuana Blogs, a ranking that recognizes the top-performing websites, newsletters, and blogs on all matters Cannabis Sativa. In their classification, MaryJane’s Post, a cannabis news source platform owned by The Rkive Entertainment LLC has been ranked 44th. The website, which updates regularly with the freshest cannabis news, now gets close to 20,000 visitors a month.

MaryJane’s Post selection for the shortlist was in light of the comprehensive nature of its reports. The website carries marijuana news and council posts in broad categories, including Business, Health, Travel, Culture and Arts, and World News. This site is a one-stop-shop for marijuana entrepreneurs, farmers, medical marijuana experts and enthusiasts, cannabis-crazed vacationers, and many others.

The posts are well informed, making MaryJane’s Post the ideal hangout corner for everyone interested in all aspects of weed. The site also carries top editors’ picks of the best cannabis stores both online and brick & mortar. Such comprehensive coverage is expected to catapult them even higher on Feedspot’s list in the weeks to come.

MaryJane’s Post has a masterly roster of writers and editors. Objectivity, fairness, and transparency are qualities espoused in all their posts. The blog also features guest posts. It has news topics and contributors from across the world, including the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The recognition by Feedspot is an opportunity that might launch MaryJane’s Post further into the global limelight.

“We are overjoyed to have been selected for Feedspot’s Top 100 ranking,” said the chief editor at MaryJane’s Post. “Our team is passionate about creating news reports and guides on cannabis and associated products for a global audience. The ranking is a sign that we have been going at it right. We are grateful to Feedspot for the recognition and hope to improve our ranking in the coming weeks.”

Feedspot reveals that stringent search and social metrics inform their list. The data will be refreshed weekly, and likely some websites will climb up, lose position, or drop out of the ranking altogether. For cannabis websites and blogs, that is one more reason to keep their sites alive and fresh with new information.

MaryJane’s Post is poised to take a higher position on the list by leveraging new formats, including podcasts and short stories. The website also brings together cannabis associations, health centers, users, and other players in the weed industry.

“The recognition by Feedspot is an important milestone in our growth agenda as we work toward being the world’s best cannabis news site. Users can subscribe to our blog directly or through Feedpost. We have lots of giveaways, contests, and exciting cannabis news topics coming soon,” asserted the chief editor.

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