When we are thinking of a trip or vacation, marijuana users always consider the connection we
will have throughout those times with the weed we prefer so much and more ask ourselves
questions like; Is it legally available in that country? or Does the possession of marijuana in
that country have serious consequences?

These are the countries where possession of marijuana is legal, decriminalized or simply has
minimal consequences such as an administrative fine.


Jamaica is a gorgeous island with stunning beaches, rivers, and waterfalls. The home of the
king of Reggae, Bob Marley wherein cannabis culture and arts are alive. As far as cannabis is
concerned, possession of up to 45 grams has been decriminalized, there is a small fine if one
gets into trouble with it. Possession of more than the regulated amount can get into a more
serious problem because the penalties are much larger and can accuse of trafficking.


A great place for a cannabis vacation is Uruguay. Uruguay is the first country in the world to legalize cannabis and other derived products of the
plant in 2013 for recreational and medicinal use. Growing marijuana seeds in this country are
allowed with a maximum of 6 plants, medicinal cannabis is marketed in pharmacies, and there
are various clubs scattered everywhere in the country where users can purchase and consume
without a problem.


Although not completely controlled or regulated, this country is very tolerant of cannabis, since it
can be consumed calmly everywhere in the country. Even several local restaurants have
detailed recipes applying cannabis on their menus or serve some of their cannabis courses as


Spain is one of the most tolerant and respectful countries, wherein cannabis users on vacation
will find beautiful beaches, ancient culture and kind people that will surely make the tour
enjoyable. The Canary Islands is one of the best places to stay wherein lots of cannabis club
stands near the popular beaches on the island. Cannabis here is tolerated by society although
the marketing of cannabis is prohibited, there are many associations where we can buy and
smoke but registration in the club is required.

The Netherlands

Although in the Netherlands, drugs are completely forbidden. The government created an anti-
drug policy where it could control or manage all soft drugs marketed and the quality of them, so
coffee shops began to rise not less than 4 decades ago, being extremely regulated enterprises
that have become renowned around the globe due to their distinctiveness.


In this country cannabis grows wildly, it is merit to acknowledge that some marijuana heredity
breed is present in the best strains. There is no particular legislation that regulates the
consumption of cannabis, therefore, there is an easy way to find a joint within the city or
provinces. Users will have no problem in expressing to a cannabis grower who can bargain a
few grams of their harvest and experience first-hand what this mysterious culture means.

The United States

It’s a receptive country with cannabis, there are states that have enacted cannabis use even at
a recreational level, such as Colorado, Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska,

Massachusetts, and Maine. cannabis users will enjoy like a child in an amusement park. Not
only they can able to consume with complete composure, but also identify establishments such
as stores, bars, and restaurants in which the main element traded is cannabis.


Holds the world’s highest consumption percentage of cannabis per year. The Icelandic legislation only contemplates modest penalties for people who grow or consume cannabis in commonplaces.


Although Denmark is not the usual tolerant territory, it is deserving to highlight the characteristic
of this little Scandinavian nation. The soft drug policy here was considerably permissive, even
recognizing the possibility of authorizing the availability of coffee shops in the simplest manner
of the Netherlands. There are also breeders who trade cannabis edibles like little pot cakes.
Although consumption of cannabis is not a crime, possession is and can be penalized with a
sentence of up to two years in prison.


Marijuana is tolerated in this country, although the 1973 legislation forbids the legal use of
cannabis in the country, authorities turn a blind eye on a person who does not carry large
quantities of cannabis. Nepal holds the religious rites of the sadhus' rastas, it’s astonishing how
they smoke cannabis to relinquish unearthliness and communicate with the gods.


Italy is the place in the world considered as the heritage of humanity. Lovers of smoking
Acapulco gold weed in this country has the tranquility of being in a considerate place with ease
of use. Possession of marijuana for personal use is decriminalized with a certain limit. There is a
large majority of Italians in support of medical cannabis and began to sell cannabis in


One of the most exceptional anti-drug policies in the world. All narcotic substances are
decriminalized and the results are satisfying. Authorities do not arrest anyone for possessing up
to 25 grams of cannabis. In Portugal, users may have a marijuana vacation they won’t forget.


The legal status concerning cannabis according to Decree 613 endorsed by the representatives

of Justice, Health and Agriculture, the use of cannabis is allowed for medicinal purposes,
allowing the first licenses to raise cannabis legally in Colombia. The government acknowledges

the private cultivation of up to 20 plants.

Bottom line

When we go on a trip or holiday vacation, the last thing we want is to have difficulties with the
issues with cannabis. Having an idea on what are the reliable destinations to keep marijuana for
personal use, and what is the prevailing law in that country is a good hand carry knowledge.
Cannabis users will no longer have to travel with fear and able to move harmoniously around
the world, without fear of taking some joints for personal use.

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