Calling all legal marijuana home growers: what’s your watering situation? You’re more than likely using regular tap water, right? Well, unfortunately, that may not be great for your marijuana plant.

Recent studies have shown that tap water used to water plants can actually harm the plant as a whole. Unfortunately, tap water has toxins and contaminants throughout the United States.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a city or in a rural area — the tap water everywhere in America has some harmful factors associated with it.

This is why so many people stress the importance of drinking either bottled water or tap water that has gone through a filter. However, yet even more unfortunately, bottled water has certain aspects associated with it that don’t help plant life, either.

Therefore, it appears that completely filtered water is the way to go. But how does one find an accurate water filter that truly filers away all the nasty contaminants that harm plant life?

A high-quality water filter like those manufactured by Clearly Filtered may be exactly what your little marijuana garden needs. Keep reading to discover why you should use water filters with your plants, as well as why a Clearly Filtered water filter is better than the rest on the market (even when compared with Brita!).

More than a few studies linking tap water (full of toxins and contaminants) to harmful plant life have been completed in the last few years. Obviously, you want to grow the best cannabis plants possible.

That may not be possible, depending on the water you’re using, because of these harmful and unfortunately common toxins and harsh chemicals.

While some toxins (such as fluoride) exist in tap water and some water bottles, they tend to appear in very small amounts.

However, consistent exposure of fluoride to either you or your plants can be harmful in the end. Ideally, you’d want to eliminate this toxin as much as possible.

The more exposure your plants have to these toxins such as fluoride, the less healthy they become. For example, fluoride can inhibit the process of photosynthesis and cause overall damage to plant tissues. This doesn’t happen all at once; it happens over time, as your plant holds onto the fluoride that you’ve been feeding it.

Across the board, it’s become more recognized that you should use filtered water when watering plants, if possible. Plus, certain areas of the country’s tap water has higher percentages of fluoride and other toxins.

To keep your marijuana plants as healthy as possible, it may be time to consider exactly how you should water them.

A Quick List of Tap Water Contaminants

Tap water throughout America has contaminants that can be harmful both to the human body and to any plants that this water comes in contact with. Tap water, currently, meets all legal requirements set by the government. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s truly safe for us to both drink, nor does it mean that we should water and take care of our plants with it.

What are these contaminants, you ask? Here’s a quick list of harmful toxins that exist in the tap water that many people drink around the country:

  • Arsenic
  • CPA
  • Chlorine
  • Chromium-6
  • Fluoride
  • Glyphosate (Roundup)
  • Human Hormones
  • Lead
  • Microplastics
  • Pesticides
  • Radiation
  • Bacteria, Cysts, and Microorganisms

All of this, just consistently in the water that we use on a daily basis? Yeah, that doesn’t sound too good.

The only way to truly filter these toxic contaminants out of your tap water is by using a high-quality water filter (unfortunately, a cheap one won’t cut it). Obviously, you don’t want these chemicals in your body — but you also don’t want to water your marijuana plant with them. As we mentioned above, any toxins in the water will then be toxins on your plant.

When you grow your own marijuana legally from home, the goal is to make it as natural and organic as possible. You want the flower to be the best — and it’s not going to be the best it can be with all of these contaminants in it. Therefore, why not use a high-quality water filter that makes your job that much easier?

How Fluoride Can Hurt Plants

There is a common conception that growers can naturally get rid of these contaminants (such as chlorine and chloramine) by leaving the water out and letting it sit for at least a day or two. This water should then, theoretically, naturally make the chlorine evaporate.

And this does happen — to a certain extent. Chlorine is known to evaporate. It’s chloramine that’s the issue. Chloramine doesn’t naturally evaporate easily like many growers may believe (or hope). So, while the chlorine might go away after a day or two of sitting out, chloramine may still be in that water that you’re watering your plants with.

Plus, we still have to (greatly) worry about fluoride. As we mentioned above in our handy little of bad contaminants found in tap water, fluoride is common in water. Fluoride is yet another pesky toxin that can harm your plant, even in small doses.

What about bottled water?

Unfortunately, it looks like even water from trusty water bottles won’t do. While this type of filtered water definitely tends to be better than your average tap water, there are still certain contaminants that can be in them. Fluoride can still be found in water bottles.

A lot of water bottles do not contain fluoride and make a point to process their water without it. However, there are still may water bottle brands that contain very small amounts of it in their water. While possibly less contaminated than tap water, the toxin is still there.

Fluoride in small amounts won’t necessarily harm your plant — and many times, when we talk about fluoride in water, this is fluoride in small amounts. However, over time, as your plants are more exposed to the toxin, the greater the harm will become. Plus, some tap water in America (depending on where you live) have a greater percentage of fluoride in their water.

Yet again, you want your plants to be as free of toxins and harsh chemicals as possible. In the grand scheme of things, water bottles may not do. You want filtered water — not water that’s just slightly more filtered than your other alternative.

Clearly Filtered: The Best Water Purifier For Home Grown Marijuana

This all brings us to Clearly Filtered. You want a way to accurately grow the best possible marijuana plants that you can, yes? Well, to meet this goal, it looks like you may have to change the way you water them.

You don’t want your plant to grow with any toxins or harsh chemicals associated with it, obviously. However, this is a bit easier said than done when thinking of tap water and all the contaminants associated with it.

These toxins have shown in studies that they can cause unfortunate consequences that make plants not grow to the potential they possibly could.

Therefore, truly filtered water is the end game. However, simply buying a water filter (in all the capacities and varieties that these come in) won’t work either. There are so many water filters on the market — and so many of them don’t work as they state they will.

How Clearly Filtered is different

Even Brita, a more commonly known water filter, doesn’t get rid of all contaminants that tap water contains. And, as I stated above, you want clean, filtered water. You don’t just want water that’s only slightly more filtered than the tap water you started with.

Clearly Filtered came about after recognizing that there needed to be something different (and something that truly worked!) in the filtered water industry. “We tried every kind of water filter out there and they all fell short,” the company states. “So we set out and developed our own. We aren’t just proud of our filters, we use them ourselves.”

The company boasts that its filters reduce (or eliminate) harmful contaminants more so than any other filter. Looking at their test results, Clearly Filtered manages to remove all contaminants across the board almost completely, including different varieties of fluoride.

For the most part, they manage to remove these contaminants 99.9% — though their fluoride removal percentages stand at 96.9% to 98.2% (but this is still quite high for fluoride elimination).

Chlorine and Chloramine are both 99.9% eliminated in these test results, as well. These high percentages indicate that the company


At the end of the day, as you search for the way to make your marijuana plants as clean and healthy as possible, you may want to look at the water you’re using. It’s difficult to know exactly what contaminants this water contains. Unfortunately, the water you use more than likely contains more than a few.

However, it doesn’t need to. With Clearly Filtered, you can eliminate these contaminants across the board at a higher success rate than any other filter.

You want to produce the healthiest, best marijuana plants possible, right? With Clearly Filtered, they make this goal that much easier to reach.

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