2021 has been the year cannabis legislation has seen sweeping approval in legalization, decriminalization, dealing, and consumption. Much of this is because of the rising awareness of the health benefits of marijuana in treating people dealing with ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc.

Additionally, marijuana is also prescribed to counter chemotherapy, pain management and help with many other ailments. These factors have led to a growing exploration and discussion around cannabis. Here are some cannabis trends to watch out for in 2021:

Home Production of Cannabis

With the ensuing lockdown and restrictions imposed on going out, most people have resorted to growing cannabis in their homes. The risk of catching an infection from your cannabis supplier is possible, and some don’t like relying on others to provide them with their kush of the day.

In Canada, there is a whole process that one needs to go through to register and carry out the production of cannabis at home. Of course, cannabis production requires a particular environment and subsequent requirements to be able to grow it. Specific safety protocols need to be met and ensured. This trend is one we have seen being adopted throughout the world and has gained a lot of traction, further contributing to the world’s market production of marijuana.

CBD Beverages

Imagine a drink with the same effect as THC and cannabis without the harmful effects of smoking it. You don’t have to imagine anymore with the advent of CBD beverages. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the active chemical component present in marijuana plants.

These CBD beverages have increased in popularity over time. They offer a means to uplift your mood and enhance your feelings to achieve an all-time high while at the same time providing you with the benefits of marijuana.

a box with cannabis
Cannabis Trends to Watch for in 2021 3

CannabisCoin (CANN)

With cryptocurrency hailed by many as the currency of the future, it’s no wonder that this trend has also immersed itself in the hemp market. Such trends include the creation of hemp coins such as pot coins, dope coins, and CannabisCoin. Developed in 2014, this cryptocurrency aims to ease the transactions taking place in the marijuana market. Instead of dealing in cash, you’ll need the cryptocurrency to buy and supply marijuana.

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