Burt’s Bees recently launched a new skincare line in which the primary active ingredient is, according to the company, CBD oil. They are currently offering five products: facial oil, hand & foot cream, lip oil, lip treatment and body cream. In this article, we will perform an overview of the entire line, the company itself and the quality of Burt’s Bees CBD oil.

Health Benefits Of CBD Skincare

First, let’s talk about the health benefits of CBD oil in skincare. Why would you want it in the products you use on your body?

One big reason for using it on your skin is CBD oil has skin clarifying properties. If you apply it regularly, you will probably notice an improvement in your acne. Another reason is it is an anti-inflammatory substance. It will help tone down redness and swelling in your skin.

Finally, it is a natural pain reliever, so if you have inflamed skin or tissues, CBD oil could help lessen your discomfort. It’s a product that has multiple benefits, and it’s easier and more cost-effective to use a skincare product that already has CBD oil in it instead of buying and applying it separately.

An Iconic Lip Balm, Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees was founded in the 1980s by Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby. They used beeswax to create lip balm (the company’s most famous product) and candles. Since then, the company says they’ve been dedicated to using only the best ingredients from nature to create skincare products.

They claim that all their ingredients are at least 95% natural and are ethically sourced. Furthermore, they do not use animal testing, and all of their packaging is recyclable. In the grand scheme of cosmetic and skincare companies, they offer a lot with respect to responsible manufacturing.

Is Their CBD Ethically Sourced?

Burt’s Bees claims transparent sourcing as a feature that sets them apart from other skincare companies that use CBD oil. The CBD oil they used is “carefully extracted from hemp plants grown and harvested in Colorado by farmers following the latest organic practices.” Furthermore, all of their products are non-psychoactive.

Pure CBD From a Big Brand

Burt’s Bees uses a third-party lab to verify the purity of their CBD oil. For each product they manufacture, they obtain a Certificate of Analysis to prove that the oil meets their purity standards, which includes THC levels below 0.3%.

They’re so confident in their line, they created a section on their website where you can input the name of the CBD oil product you bought from them and its lot number to view details about its quality.

The Burt’s Bees CBD Skincare Products

CBD Facial Oil

This product is meant to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as provide hydration and nourishment to the skin on your face. To help it do all this, it also contains a blend of rosehip, jojoba and evening primrose oils. It contains 100 mg of CBD, and the size of the bottle is 0.51 oz.

CBD Hand & Foot

This creamy product is designed to provide hydration to dry skin on your hands and feet. It is formulated with 200 mg of CBD, and baobab and watermelon seed oils. The size of this product is 2.5 oz.

CBD Lip Oil

Burt’s Bees CBD Lip Oil contains 10 mg of CBD, along with sunflower, meadowfoam seed and coconut oils, and shea butter. The effect is smooth, moisturized lips for up to 8 hrs. It also contains peppermint oil for a cooling, shiny effect. The bottle size is 0.27 oz.

CBD Lip Treatment

If you have extremely dry lips, this lip treatment with 15 mg of CBD might be for you. It’s filled with lots of different emollients, waxes, and oils for a punch of healing, line-smoothing hydration. The container is small – 0.25 oz – and the product is meant to be applied at night.

CBD Body Cream

This product comes in a pump-style, 1.8 oz size container. The cream is rich, non-greasy, and will keep your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. It contains 250 mg of CBD, the highest concentration of all the products in Burt’s Bees’ CBD line.


Burt’s Bees seemingly pulled out all the stops for their new line of skincare containing CBD oil. They hit all the high points: responsible and ethical sourcing, and high standards for purity and natural quality.

Their packaging is even recyclable. Their other ingredients, such as the oils and waxes we mentioned in the above product overview, are also naturally sourced and held to high-quality standards.

They cover you from head to toe, figuratively and literally, with facial and lip oils, hand and foot cream, and cream for the entire body. There’s no makeup (yet) or hair products, but the current line is a dream team for overall skin care.

If you’ve never tried CBD oil for skincare or Burt’s Bees, we recommend that you buy Burt’s Bees CBD Lip Oil first. know that you can buy from this company knowing that they are ethical, environmentally responsible and use 98.8% natural ingredients.

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